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Ariix MLM Reviews: Legit or Scam?

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Want to know the truth behind this company that carries multiple product lines and a very promising compensation plan? Maybe you are wondering if Ariix will be worth your money, or even your time?

You might also be doubting the efficacy of the product menu Ariix is boasting about. As the company claims to offer high-quality products, maybe they are just one of those multi-level marketing companies claiming to have the best products ever? What if their personal care products don’t really help at all?

Most multi-level marketing companies promote their products to be the best in the market. They usually claim to offer a new discovery or a new breakthrough.

Does Ariix one of those MLM companies?

Let’s dig deeper and see if this company is the most viable MLM option for you.

What is ARIXX? 

ARIIX makes no bones about it. It showcases itself as a network marketing company or MLM or multilevel marketing company. ARIIX is founded on the fundamental truth of integrity and uprightness and always doing what is right. ARIIX has created numerous independent brands, which provides its representatives the capability to branch out and expand their business. Every brand was created to stand on its own as well as to join together with the other brands.

ARIIX Review: Is it a Direct Selling Company?

ARIIX is a global direct selling company that makes effective, non-toxic products that are being marketed and sold by independent representatives. It has a total of 2,500 employees.

With the changing market trends and needs, ARIIX designed various brands to choose from, allowing the representatives to remain competitive and confident, and constantly relevant in a constantly changing market.

From the time of its establishment, ARIIX started out to break tradition in the direct selling industry using its revolutionary and unconventional approach in its innovative representative-first method. The company aspires to think and go beyond the box and give opportunities and privileges in creating change and giving favor to the entrepreneurs who are in fact the backbone of the business.

ARIIX progress and acquisition of other companies. 

Three years ago, ARIIX advanced in great strides. With the purchase and addition of four new companies, ARIIX added advanced product offerings and representatives with cutting-edge knowledge diversified innovative opportunities worldwide.

ARIIX officially launched 19 other markets in barely seven years of operating. In 2018, it opened new markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, and in the Middle East, also in North America and Ireland. ARIIX has employed the translation of the Business Orientation System into the languages of the aforementioned markets in order to abet the success of their business building.

ARIIX continuous to evolve around valued partners. The ARIIX Wellness Council and Athletes Council are made up of globally distinguished pundits on nutrition, health, and lifestyle. Together, they built and designed brands on the cutting edge of the science of nature. With this valuable partnership, ARIIX stays relevant and on-trend in the health and wellness industry.

Product Menu ARIIX Review

As previously mentioned, ARIIX has a wide range of innovative products. The scope spans from personal care, skin care products, supplements, and wellness to weight loss products and much more. ARIIX added NuCerity and ENVY as well as Lilac and Future Energy. These products are added to their so-called “house of brands” allowing the representatives more choices to expand their business on their own terms, at the same time enlarging the company’s worldwide reach and income for a sturdy and solid opportunity.

ARIIX has successfully reached the much more rigorous and exacting FDA drug facility registration. This is the highest level of FDA certification in the industry. ARIIX offered products from the first day they got on the market.

Also, ARIIX has several product offerings to the people. The company has just recently launched a new weight loss product — Giving Greens. This is part of the Slenderiiz weight management line. Giving Greens is a whole food vegetable, rich in enzyme superfruit blend and seed nutrition — it gives two pounds of veggies in a single serving. This makes it one of the best sellers and people’s favorites among the green drinks.

For health buffs.

For the health buffs out there, the Slenderiiz natural weight management system can help speed up weight loss without losing the proper levels of nutrition. Its products are scientifically advanced and help control appetite, increase metabolism, and aid in digestion. Slenderiiz boasts of keeping those fats at bay as it is effective in decreasing the possibilities of rebound weight gain. This is one of the top-ranked health products that people like.

Nutrifii health supplements

Nutrifii lays out a pool of prime supplements that provides the body the nutritional support needed for optimal health. Its ingredients are derived from natural sources and its formulas are fused for optimum potency and absorption. Nutrifii provides premium health supplements for people.

The Essential Oil Market

People who are into oiling swear by Priime essential oils. These products brag about their purity and strength and how they reined in beneficial ingredients in synergistic blends using innovative scientific insights. They say people won’t find another essential oil that will parallel Priime.

Reviive Body Care

Presenting Reviive Organics. They call this the healthy method of body care. Reviive comes with a long line of products from body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, and body conditioner. All made with organic and natural ingredients. People prefer Reviive personal care products because they’re non-toxic, their formulas are natural cleansing and conditioning extracts straight out from nature. Also, they are gentle enough for everyday use.

Puritii Water Filtration 

Puritii is a water filtration system. Among all the products of Ariix, this product is very important as it helps purify the air and water pollutants directly collide with the health of the people on a daily basis. This product makes sure that more pathogens and toxins are removed from the air and water that we breathe and drink ensuring that every family who uses these products is safe. Sure every mom will be happy to have this product at home.

Jouvé Products

People love this line of luxurious skincare products. Jouvé products let out the inner glow. It is safe yet powerful and able to deliver excellent and primarily visible outcomes.  Jouvé product lines range from dark spot corrector to instant tightening serum.

Are the products Certified?

The company reportedly has established its own scientific advisory boards. This team inspects every product they are planning to include in their lineup. Once the board has proven the product quality, they will affix their stamp of approval, which will then signal the inclusion of the product in their catalog.

Please note that all products are FDA-approved.

Is ARIIX a Legit MLM company? 

Perhaps, by this time you are considering opening a business with ARIIX. However, there’s a persistent thought that bothers you whether ARIIX is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing or MLM company.

Let’s cut to the chase — ARIIX is an entirely legal Multi-Level Marketing or MLM company that sells and markets legitimate products. Perhaps the better questions would be, will it help you make more money? Is it good business? There are videos that show and explain what ARIIX exactly does and how joining ARIIX will help you earn money and grow your business.

As in all MLMs, you will see that to be an affiliate of ARIIX, there are quite a few upsides and downsides.

First off, let’s go back and look into details on what the direct selling company, ARIIX is all about.

More Information on ARIIX

ARIIX is an MLM company that is based in Bountiful, Utah. ARIIX is marketing health and wellness products to people. It varies from other health and wellness MLM companies because of the high volume of products and range of brands that it offers.

As mentioned earlier, ARIIX gives better opportunities for its representatives to expand and diversify their business. Another thing that makes ARIIX different is compared to other MLMs that sell their own products, ARIIX markets and carries a wide range of brands for recruiters to market.

Who are the owners of ARIIX?

In 2011, ARIIX was established. In fact, there were nine people in a team that founded this MLM company.

Fred Cooper is the CEO of ARIIX. Mark Wilson is the President of ARIIX.

The combined experience of these nine people put together is equivalent to a hundred years’ worth. This shows that this MLM company has a wealth of knowledge in this industry. This business is definitely right up their alleys.

A+ BBB rating

The Better Business Bureau gave a rating of A+ to Ariix.

There were zero complaints as of the time of rating.

Is ARIIX a Pyramid Scheme? 

The answer to that is a flat-out NO. ARIIX is not a pyramid scheme nor a scam. It is definitely a legitimate MLM company that sells health products. However, their products cost way higher and most people find their products difficult to market.

The next question is probably this:

Should you join ARIIX or not? 

Here are the Upsides and Downsides when you decide to join ARIIX. Delve into it and then make a wise decision.


  1. They have a wide range of products to sell, market, and promote
  2. They offer support and training
  3. They have several ways to earn money
  4. There are quite a lot of positive reviews about their products, their BBB rating is above par compared to other MLMs.
  5. Their products are FDA approved
  6. They have the mobile business app, ARIIX Connect, which makes it simple and comprehensive regarding compensation plan content, back office, training, product information — all the tools that will help make you succeed in an MLM business platform.
  7. The ARIIX opportunity rewards app. This helps you manage your incentives, track your progress anytime, anywhere.
  8. ARIIX has continual product certifications — ARIIX’s most popular supplest is the CoQ10 and Omega. These supplements have excellent values.
  9. The Seal of Approval video. ARIIX gives an assurance that its products have the Seal of Approval. The video will help educate potential customers, existing recruits, and members about the excellent quality of the products of ARIIX.


  1. Too costly to join and stay active
  2. A big chunk of their representatives or recruits only make less than $15K a year
  3. The health and wellness market is pretty
  4. It’s not easy to sign up and recruit more members to make money

How to join as an Ariix member?

If you think Ariix is one of those profitable direct selling companies where you can generate significant sales, then you can begin your journey by signing up as a new representative.

You can check out their website to sign up. Once on their website, just select the language and country of your residence so you can properly fill out their online enrollment form.

Another way to become a member is through the assistance of an existing member of Ariix. The existing member will present the business opportunity and once you sign up through this member, you will be part of his team

As soon as you become a member, you can maximize your social media accounts to start makings sales.

You can also set up your own e-store by posting the photo of the brands to promote the products for your retail sales. Photo is a powerful way to catch your market.

You can also generate sales by becoming a seller on Amazon.

Ariix Levels of Membership

Here are the different levels in this community:

  1. Member
  2. Business
  3. Elite
  4. Ultimate

Each level is determined by a required minimum purchase that is indicated by the member’s Personal Value [PV].

The very basic level requires a minimum of 200 PV.

You can work out your way up to the next level as you increase your sales and reach the required minimum of the higher level.

How Much Does it Cost in joining Ariix?

To become an MLM representative or distributor of ARIIX, there are several packs to choose from:

The cost differs according to what products you will get with each pack.

To join as an affiliate, check out the cheapest option since you are just giving this a shot.

Nutrifii Member Pack – $421.36 (reduced to $294.95) – including five products

Slenderiiz Plus Member Pack – $428.50 (reduced to $299.95) – including five products

Slenderiiz Business Pack –  $711.95 – including 10 products

Nutrifii Business Pack –  $749.95 – including 15 products

Jouvé Business Pack –  $749.95 – including 25 products

Business Pack 500 –  $789.95 – including 13 products

Slenderiiz Elite Pack –  $1,388.95 – including 21 products

Elite Pack – $1,414.95 – including 43 products

Ultimate Pack –  $2,098.00 – including 63 products

How do you make money with ARIIX? 

ARIIX plainly provides a vast range of products to its customers. And this is how you benefit from the company. Most MLM companies are pretty much the same.

There are two main ways to earn money as a member of this MLM program. One is to make a commission from selling their products. Two is to sign up other people into the MLM business and earn commissions and even bonuses.

The story does not end there. In order to stay entitled to receive commissions, you need to maintain and accumulate sales of 100PV per month. That’s about more or less $150 USD a month. If you don’t sell that, you need to purchase that. Also, you need to take note of the $25 USD renewal fee every year.

How does the ARIIX Compensation Plan work?

The compensation plan of ARIIX is typically the same as the other MLMs out there. Their compensation plan does not really give you favors. There are four ways on how you get paid through their compensation plan:

  1. Retail commissions. You can purchase the products at wholesale price and then sell them at a regular retail price. The profit you get is your retail commission.
  2. Commissions for recruiting people. You can get a commission if you get other people to join and sign up or buy something. You get a commission from the products that these people buy.
  3. Team Lead Bonus. This is the bonus that you receive from your customer as well as your member sales on their first month. The more expensive your pack, the more team lead bonus you make.
  4. The Activ8 compensation plan gives a complete list of more bonuses.

Final Recommendations

If you find this review beneficial to help you come up with a decision to be part of the Ariix community, we recommend that you buy some of its products first and check for yourself the efficacy of each item, that you will be selling in the future.

After testing some of their brands, try to list out possible markets you might tap into. Do you know people or groups that would benefit from the Ariix brands? Your list will determine how much money you can earn from selling directly and from the group or network sales.

Similar to most MLM businesses, you will need to work harder to grow your network. It would mean training your downlines to become leaders themselves.

If you think you have what it takes to make a good chunk of money through this community, then go grab that business opportunity and experience the financial freedom you so deserve!