BAM University Review

Our Initial Impressions

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Do you want the freedom to work when and where you want, while still being able to make a great living that is in line with your goals? If so, BAM University might be just what you’re looking for! This course teaches people how to use digital real estate/lead generation as their business model. The current market for physical real estate is dying fast (and not going anywhere anytime soon), but this business model has profit margins much greater than that of physical real estate. With some hard work and determination, they claim it’s possible to make money by just passing off a phone call from one business owner to another!

The first thing we all think is usually “this shit is ANOTHER scam.” We just wanted to offer some insight for those that are looking into joining the program and if it’s worth an investment (and yes it is an investment).

There are so many testimonials from successful students but nothing really negative to see.

Plus, there was nothing that mentioned the course being a scam except from people asking about it.

We had originally been skeptical about this program because of the lack of negative reviews. However, after reading more into it and doing some research on their website we learned a lot about how BAM University works and what they teach people to do.

We were able to find a lot of reviews on the BAM University website that we could use as proof for how it works. These testimonials helped us feel more confident in this program, but they are still not enough which is why I am writing this review – so you can be fully aware and decide if this course will work for you!

Table of Contents

Phone Call: What Happened?

Our call day comes, and we hop on. We do some small talk and my coach starts to tell me a little bit about BAM’s overall information. Then we dove into us. He asked a lot about us, our life, our career, why we were here, etc. Heads up – this “why” is the biggest step, we spent a lot of time on this portion of the call. Being familiar with sales ourselves, we definitely picked up on the “listen more than you speak” sales tactic so it did take us a little bit to open up but he would ask questions in return like if what we said made sense or if there was something he missed.

So, at this point we’re feeling pretty good about the call. BAM University is really interested in us and we are definitely interested in them. It felt like an interview for both of us because they were getting to know our personalities as well as whether or not BAM was a fit for us and vice versa (and it turns out that it was!) But there was one last question our coach had before we hung up: do you have any questions? This part is crucial! You want to make sure everything you need answered will be addressed before continuing with anything else!

Truly, we just wanted to get to our questions answered for the review and that was it. Well, we definitely got them answered AND we had SO MANY of them. My poor coach.. Just to give you an idea– they schedule these calls for 45 minutes. We were on the phone for well over an hour and a half!! Talk about going above and beyond! He made us feel really important and never acted like we were bothering him. He also made us feel very confident that the community BAM offered was the real deal.

We asked probably every question in the book, and we asked for every statistic you could think of. Coming from corporate sales roles, stats and metrics is all that matters to us. So when there weren’t direct, statistical answers I would put a mark in the “BAM Scam” column. However, we caught ourselves mid-call still interested. Then we asked each other – if we are really don’t believe in this stuff why are we wasting this guys time on the phone?

After we humbled ourselves by muting ourselves to talk together for a minute, we asked questions that we knew did not have an answer but knowing he tried to answer them and was taking all this time to talk to us really stuck out. If this were a scam no one would spend this much time on the phone. There are just too many other easy targets.

Once we got into payment portion, we went into deer-in-headlights mode. He told us about the investment and we froze! We were not expecting that.

We asked him to repeat it, and he did so calmly as if this was no big deal. He sounded like he was used to numbers like these.

He said “I’ve never met anyone, even people with money who will invest without looking at what they are investing into first! That makes perfect sense.”

So, we said “okay” and he put us on hold. We had a few minutes of silence to think about this investment. What did it mean? Was it too big for the two of us? Did we really have enough money saved up like all these other people who invested in BAM University?! Holy moly! The questions ran through our minds as if someone was handing them down to us from above the clouds at lightning speed.

But spoiler alert…

We bought it.

How Much Is BAM?

That’s why you’re all here right? Well let us string you along a little longer. We took our call on a Sunday morning and obviously the banks were closed. So we asked if we could pay a portion of it now and then contact the bank for the rest on the next day. It was a little nerve wracking to ask for that kind of grace, but our coach was really understanding. We say this because it’s regular people doing this stuff, they are very flexible on making sure you get in.

Honestly it was pretty reassuring to find out that it wasn’t one of those “my way or the highway” payment deals, they really want to work with you if you have what it takes to succeed.

Even though we understand how anxious you are to know the EXACT cost of BAM, the truth is that the reviews and snapshots you see on their website and others are more useful. Plus, there are just so many other things you need to consider first. Also, this is still his course and it’s not our place to tell. He can choose to tell the info any way he wants.

Getting Started

After you get the payment stuff all squared away, your coach will send you a link to join their private Facebook group and you’ll be given a login to the BAM university website for all the training. Now the real fun begins!

The BAM University Facebook Group

BAM University Training

The BAM University Facebook Group is where you can ask questions, get support and interact with other students. You’ll quickly find that people from all over the world are in this group which makes it a great place to network too!

Once inside of your membership area on BAM U website you’re going to see tons of content including videos (over 500 hours worth!), audio training courses, PDFs/ebooks, webinars, live events and more. It’s really hard to do justice by listing out everything here because there’s so much good information for you to consume.


You will be getting to know the BAMILY. That’s their name for this enormous family of entrepreneurs, business owners and people who are generally interested in taking their lives and careers to a whole new level through entrepreneurship. The BAMILY is filled with lots of energy, motivation, support (in various forms) and love!

It sounds cheesy, so bare with me for a second. These people are so awesome. Everybody is in here to be successful, and we are all so excited with our new found knowledge that everyone is super eager to share it. So we all post so many questions/answers in there daily, and get so many responses! We’ve already built friendships based on sharing tools, knowledge, giving/receiving feedback and then that became true relationships for us. 

The coaches’ hype this part up big time and it made us laugh at first, but it really does matter. Beyond the training, you are provided with an entire network of people. Now that we’ve met more BAMILY members in person – we all have individual goals to accomplish (whether personal or professional) and there’s always somebody who has had a similar experience so they can relate to what we’re feeling or going through as well.

Now here’s the big kicker though. You only get out of this group what you put in. If you don’t interact with people, you probably won’t grow as much…but if you do, boy oh boy is it a HUGE help!

Is BAM University A Scam?

We totally understand why you’re asking this. Since this is such a small group of people, there isn’t a ton of information online about it. This was a red flag to us at first. Once you are in the course for a little while you know that Josh owns/operates Mr. and Mrs. Leads we probably would have looked this up first (and now you can) since you can easily google more information on that than BAM reviews/scam. Plus, because his agency is so successful, you can actually rest assured knowing that the dude is practicing what he preaches on a daily basis. On the other hand, lets be real – if it was scam people would be screaming about it from all over. No one invests money upfront, only to find out it’s a scam and then doesn’t get online to complain about it. Especially with all the internet scams today.

Can You REALLY Make Money With BAM University?

Yes. Haven’t you been paying attention at all? Haha, we’re kidding but seriously- if you have read all of this plus the other outlets I mentioned above and still don’t have any faith that it’s legit… then why are you still here? Surely there’s a bone in your body that knows it’s real by now.

And hey we’re with ya, we know how nerve wracking it can be when you’re getting on that phone call. But once you commit, there is an overwhelming sense of freedom you feel. The excitement you feel once you join the group and see all the training is real and still feels real to us today, a whole year after joining.

Conclusion Of Our BAM Review

In conclusion, after learning about what BAM university does and checking out their site with these testimonials from past students who have succeeded at being successful entrepreneurs, we feel much better about our purchase today. We would recommend reading through some posts before deciding whether or not to buy because there isn’t really anything negative written except by people who didn’t get into the group. It’s up to you to decide if this is the right course for you.

This program has been a life-changing experience in every way! We no longer dread Mondays, and are excited by what each day brings because of all that BAM university has taught us about being entrepreneurs.

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