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Color Street MLM Review: Will it color your world?

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Color Street

The most crucial move in entering the world of network marketing is selecting an MLM company. Since everyone’s preferences and desires are different, you must carefully choose the MLM product you want to market and the MLM company that will pay you for it. A bad company choice will lead to a loss of money, time, and even trust in network marketing.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Color Street, a nail polish maker based in New Jersey. We’ll learn everything there is to know about this business opportunity. Before you jump in with both feet, we’ll go over what you need to hear about this brand. Is this nail color MLM company a rip-off or a worthwhile investment?

What is Color Street?

Color Street Building

Color Street is a nail polish strips manufacturer and distributor and was founded by Fa Park. He first introduced his innovation to Europe in 2007 and has seen significant growth since then. They specialize and focus on polish strips and nothing else, making them a formidable force in the nail polish industry. Other nail polish strips have entered the market, but they are written designs on paper rather than individual nail polish, as Color Street is. They release new shades, colors, and designs monthly, which is encouraging because it establishes them as a long-lasting brand.

They also have a compensation plan that allows stylists (an equivalent to a distributor) to make profits and build a profitable online business, but let us get into that later.

Color Street Quick Facts

Color Street Logo

Website :

Industry : MLM

Founder : Fa Park

Date founded : 6/14/2017

Parent Company : INCOCO

Company Address : 61 Kuller Rd, Clifton, NJ 07011-3475

Phone Number : (973) 773-7700

BBB Rating : They are not BBB accredited

Color Street History: Who is Fa Park?

Fa Park

It all started in 1988 when Fa Park was caught in a traffic jam on a bus and saw a woman polishing her nails in a nearby taxi. “There has to be a simpler way!” he thought. He purchased some nail polish and began experimenting with it by painting it on various types of paper. After several unsuccessful attempts, he eventually developed a method in which the surface was dried, but the bottom remained moist and could be adhered to the nail. His groundbreaking idea of a 100% nail polish strip product came to fruition.

After decades of hard work, Mr. Park’s innovation has become a pioneer in the cosmetics industry to refine and patent his product. His products are proudly manufactured in the United States, which is important to him because he has realized his dream in America. Although millions of his nail polish strips are cherished and used worldwide, he realized he needed to start a party-plan division if his dream was to come true. Mr. Park felt his vision would be an immediate hit in a setting where his product could be presented, demonstrated, and appreciated after a short yet highly successful stint in direct sales. Hence, the company began to use the direct sale approach.

Company Lawsuits

Throughout its existence, Color Street has remained remarkably free of controversies and investigations. There are no lawsuits or investigations against Color Street that can be easily found on social media. There are just a few complaints involving Color Street. Once is a consumer complaint that the strips do not last as long as they claim.

Product Reviews: What Are Color Street Nail Polish Strips?

Color Street Nail Polish Strips

The word “Color Street Nails” is commonly used to refer to the Color Street Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company’s products. Color Street nail polish (nail art) is ready to use and applied to the nails in minutes. According to the MLM company and its legions of Independent Stylists, the concept behind this product is to prevent smudging your freshly applied nail polish and wasting time and resources in the process.

Color Street Nails

Hundreds of various nail sticker design patterns and combinations are available from this MLM company. Bold colors glitter, glitter designs, nail art designs, French manicures, glitter-dipped, clean nail art, pedicure, and various other styles are available. These stickers are designed to match the exact nail shape and imitate the look of a salon-quality manicure without the need for actual nail painting. The process is as easy as peeling, sticking, and filing away the excess.

A nail file-applicator, a nail prep pad, and complete application instructions are also included with the strips. The MLM company boasts about how easy it is to apply, and they also have video guides about how to do so. The strips must be used within a fair period of time (within a week or two) after the box is opened, or they will dry out and become unusable.

Customer Reviews

Color Street Customer Reviews

Below are some customer reviews samples from the Amazon website to give you a feel and background of Color Street products. 72% of the reviews gave a 5-star rating, 14% gave a 4-star rating, 9% gave a 3-star rating, 0% for 2-star rating, and 5% for 1-star rating:

Color Street is a wonderful product (when applied correctly), but do not purchase them here on Amazon. This is a ludicrous price. On the Color Street website, you can buy directly from a stylist. Meet me in Paris is $14, and French manicures are always on sale for “buy one, get one free.” ” Buy three, get one free” is another usual promo.

– Marjorie McLaughlin

This is an excellent product. Color Street is a better brand than the other one I bought. The user can adjust how much white is applied with these press-on polish units. These have kept up well to the amount of time I suds and rinse my hands and nails.

– Kay Talk

It’s a smart way to cover fragile or brittle nails while still looking nice. Getting the best fit and positioning takes both time and practice. It lasts for a week or more. When cleaning, use gloves. Chemicals that are too harsh will cause the product to change color or become gummy.

– Bosco

You’ll need a second person to help you do this (which I didn’t have). The French tip is applied first, which is impossible to do alone and causes the sides to break quickly. I finally pulled it all off because it looked terrible, and I was out of money. The topcoat is clear, not the blush pink found on most french manicures. This product isn’t worth your money or effort.

– Carol A.

Color Street: Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

Color Street Is It A Pyramid Scheme

You might have wondered yourself if Color Street is a pyramid scheme when an “independent stylist” recently offered you an “amazing chance to be your own boss.” MLMs do look a lot like a pyramid scheme.

Well, the answer is, this entity is not a pyramid scheme. You can make money in Color Street without recruiting someone into the MLM business by selling their products. A company is a pyramid scheme if it has no products or services to offer and earns money solely from recruiting new members.

Joining Color Street: Frequently Asked Questions

Joining Color Street Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that I found on social media that are frequently asked of Color Street Independent Stylists, as well as the answers provided to them

Is there a monthly/quarterly sales requirement for stylists to remain active?

Stylists only need to submit $300 in one month over a six-month span to remain active with Color Street. It’s effortless to stay active because I’m going to be right behind you to help you!

Does the company provide a personal website for stylists? If so, how much does it cost?

The monthly fee is $9.95. (The first month is on us!) You can even cancel it at any point. This personal website helps your friends, relatives, and clients to order directly from you as well as from your hostesses’ nail bars. They can be shared on social media to attract more potential customers.

What is the start-up cost for Independent Stylists?

The cost of your starter kit is just $129! (A Deluxe starter kit option is also available for $299.) It includes over $250 worth of products that you can use on yourself and your nail bars. It also includes items such as order forms, catalogs, samples, and other products. Everything that you’ll need to keep your company up and to run!

Is there a fee if I decide to leave the company?

No. All you have to do is simply call the home office and inform them of your decision.

Is there some assistance or training available for Color Street stylists?

Absolutely! We have a fantastic team page on social media where you will get support and training from everybody on your team! We also have a team page on social media with regular marketing tips and tricks for handling your MLM business and customer complaints.

Color Street Review: Compensation Plan

Color Street Review Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is simple at the basic level, but it becomes more complex, just like other MLMs, as bonuses and recruitment opportunities are discussed. Stylists receive a 25% commission on their personal sales, which can be increased to 35% if they meet a certain sales amount. Your income potential increases as you begin to recruit other Stylists.

A Senior Director receives commissions up to 5 levels deep in their downline. When stylists achieve Executive Director status, they are eligible for a Lifestyle Bonus, which can improve their quality of life by buying a car, a home, or other products. On top of their other qualifying incentives, this bonus could be worth up to $1,000 a month.

Color Street Review: Pros and Cons


I like that their products are genuine and that the company owner really believes in what he is selling. This distinguishes him from other MLM companies that sell shoddy products that are only meant to mask their pyramid scheme. Their items are unique to the beauty industry, and they are growing every day.

Instead of using a vinyl sheet as material, Color Street nail strips are real nail polish.

They’re ideal for travel; no more lugging around a bunch of bottles! All you need is a little envelope of Color Street and a polish remover!

There’s no need to wait for them to dry. The nail strips are already 95 percent dry. You shouldn’t wash your hair or put on gloves immediately after applying these, but you won’t be able to smudge them either.

It still is in the momentum stage. Personally, I would not recommend joining a more established MLM organization because this implies that serious money has already been made. Joining a new MLM organization carries some risk, but you can make a lot of money if you can get in early enough. Color Street was only launched in 2017, but the number of users looking for it on Google continues to rise.

They have a memorable product. You will never forget about these nail polish strips once you learn about them. Many MLM companies lack a unique selling concept, but Color Street does.

Life is too short


To remain active, stylists must sell $50 a month. If they can’t sell that much, they’ll have to purchase the products themselves. In effect, this demonstrates that the stylists become the biggest customers of the company.

Profit margins are quite low. From an $11 product, you’re getting a 25% profit. That works out to be less than $3 per transaction. If you sell enough in a month, you will make more than $3.50 per sale. However, if you need $2,000 a month to leave your job (most people want more than $2,000 a month ), you’ll have to sell 568 packs per month.

Color Street Nails is an “expensive edition” of Incoco and Coconut Nail Art. Color Street, Coconut Nail Art, and Incoco (the parent company) are all part of the same company. They all sell the same products and have the same owner and founder. There’s nothing wrong with him using an MLM model to market any of his company’s product lines. The issue here is that Color Street products are of the same quality and style as Incoco and Coconut Nail Art, and Color Street Nails are at least twice as expensive as the other two. Incoco and Coconut Nail Art are just in the price range of $4-7, while Color Street French style is $14. If Mr. Park can sell his other products at a much lower price in Walmart, why should Color Street Nails be different?

Color Street Review: Can I Make Money From Color Street As An Individual Stylist?

Color Street Review

You can make good money as an Independent Stylist, but only if you’re certain that you can sell more than $300 in nail art in a month and recruit a large number of people to do the same. Otherwise, you would want to look at other MLM companies with a product that you think you can flourish in the long run.

My Recommendation

Do you love Color Street products? Before joining this MLM company as an independent stylist, this is the first and most important question you should ask yourself. How do you expect someone to be persuaded if the products don’t work for you? You can fabricate an experience and say that you are a fan. However, I believe that doing so is dishonest, and your sales pitch will not come off as sincere. If the products work for you, there’s a good chance the products will work for many other people as well. As a result, customer loyalty and retention will follow.

So, before you join this MLM company as an independent stylist, make sure you genuinely love and believe in their products. If you do, then this is most likely a decent business opportunity for you.