Tupperware Review: Read This Review Before You Join!

Whether you’re a marketer trying to get your feet wet in multi-level-marketing, or a patient searching for a good kitchen and household products, here’s a brief but informative review of the Tupperware company.

Tupperware History

Tupperware brand product made its first entry into the American market in 1946. For over 60 years, the company remains as vibrant as ever, selling its product only through its recognized consultants. Tupperware brand products have witnessed extreme changes in status, coming from its small-town state to becoming a global brand with a unique organizational touch to many kitchens across the nations.

Back then, Tupper (Earl Tupper), an American chemist who also happens to be the inventor of Tupperware, then experimenting on using plastic to replace the traditional American kitchenware, got a breakthrough in 1946 with his first sales. Using plastic, back then, was very unpopular, and many homes considered it smelly and ugly, and none ever bothered to know its usefulness.

Before its heroic first sale, Tupper had invented a plastic that was not only durable but also safe for storing food. The plastic container compared to what existed back then was lightweight, very flexible, and unbreakable.

The product was odorless, clean, and non-toxic.

Although Tupperware is no more just a plastic container producer, the company, over the years with its approved consultant, has changed the MLM landscape. Today, the range has expanded to include freezers ware, microwaves including products like knives and scissors.

What does Tupperware do?

Tupperware Brand Corporation is an American multinational direct-selling corporation that mainly zooms in on kitchen and household products, primarily relying on the plastic container as standard kitchenware for food storage and food preparation.

Many people consider Tupperware as one of the most trustworthy names in housewares. They offer quality products, including the most elegant design feature, to get your attention. Whatever you might need the plastic container for, whether you are tinkering of taking your nutritious lunch to work or trying to learn new baking skills using the Tupperware makes it all possible.

What benefits does Tupperware offer?

To attract top talent and retain valuable employee, Tupperware provides a smart employee benefits package which includes:

    • Deluxe Career Benefits


The Tupperware benefit program offers to help employees fit in the Tupperware brand. Very impactful benefit program to enhance their employee’s careers like providing several coaching and mentoring programs and also induction programs for newly recruited employees.

Also, the company provides high-level tuition reimbursement programs made available for employees who might be aspiring to earn a work-related certificate or degree.

They also offer high-class financial benefits for their employees and their family members, a 401(k) plan, which provides secure retirement benefits for employees. The program also comes with even a fully paid parental leave for expecting mothers and fathers to enjoy their baby’s first year. Not forgetting vacation allowances, and transport allowances.

A few facts about Tupperware

Do you know that the Tupperware parties still exist today? If you think the home-parties were a thing of the past, then you are wrong. The parties still exist worldwide and are the primary source of selling the Tupperware.

It is in the record that there are over 500,000 Tupperware parties are held every year in France alone.

In 2014, the company made $2.61 billion in total revenue to qualify them among the most towering MLM companies of today.


Overall, the Tupperware company is, from all impression, a stable MLM company. Both with its products and business opportunity. But again, we aren’t directly affiliated with this company; and you should prove them for yourself. However, this brief review is a neutral presentation to guide you in your decisions.


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