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iBuumerang MLM Review: Is The iBuumerang Opportunity For You?

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Ibuumerang Review - Travel MLM

You are likely searching for an iBuumerang review to clarify whether the MLM company is legitimate or perhaps just one more scam.

Many people think that working at home is simply a pipe dream that only particular people with specific abilities can do. Then iBuumerang arises into the life of yours and also provides you with this incredible ability.

This impartial iBuumerang review will teach you everything you have to learn about the business and also the MLM system.

This can enable you to make an informed choice about whether it’s appropriate for you or not.

iBuumerang Review - Travel MLM

iBuumerang Review

The overview and rankings

Name: iBuumerang

Founder: Holton Buggs

Type: Travel MLM

Products (Including Pricing): 95 out of 100

Success Stories: 5 out of 100

Price To Join MLM: $250-$1,000 one time fee (optional) + $49.95- $99.95 per month (40 out of 100)

What is iBuumerang?

What is iBuumerang - make money with ibuumerang

iBuumerang upfront was named Countdown4Freedom but afterward introduced as iBuumerang. This company supplies travel deals with their website known as iGo.

iBuumerang is a Multi-Level-Marketing company that provides a price reduction to individuals booking holiday trips.

Additionally, it provides ordinary people the opportunity to generate cash by advertising their travel deals and recruiting far more people into the business.

This is what their site claims:

Right here at iBuumerang, you toss out goodwill and savings, and you get rewarded with a travel savings bonus in cash!

Give one thing away that is great, and good things are going to come to you.

Like a boomerang… or even karma!

How can you make money with iBuumerang?

iBuumerang is an MLM company, which implies you can generate cash in several different methods. The two principal methods are selling the solutions to different people and recruiting people to market the services – the 2nd is far more profitable like Chron.

Join iBuumerang - is a scam?

What is iBuumerang all about?

iBuumerang is a newly founded MLM company that works in the travel business.

The company was initially introduced in March 2019 by Holton Buggs and relied on in Houston, Texas.

Holton is deemed a highly effective community marketer with 25+ yrs of direct sales experience and network marketing business models.

Based on iBuumerang’s website, Holton has built a system of more than three million distributors during the last ten years and generated more than $3 billion in sales, and mentored more than forty-five millionaires. It’s declared Holton had the first contact of his with network marketing at the age of fourteen as he began buying candy in large quantities and subsequently recruited some other children to market it for him. Therefore, he would not need to do all of the work by himself.

Nevertheless, Holton did not join an MLM company until the age of thirty, after the initial business he’d released back in 1996, which revolved around marketing furniture tanked.

Nevertheless, the great bulk of MLMs Holton grew to be associated with pyramid schemes (more on which later on).

Holton ultimately chose to release his very own MLM business, and that is how iBuumerang came around.

Who is the founder of iBuumerang?

Is iBuumerang a Scam? A pyramid Scheme?

iBuumerang is owned and operated by Holton Buggs, plus was created in March 2019, so there is not very much in the way of company history.

The majority of the iBuumerang corporate staff looks like this:

  • David Manning – Ceo and President of Xstream Travel
  • Terrance Gray “T.Gray” – VP of Business Development
  • Mark Kithcart – VP of Marketing
  • Peter Hirsch – Chief Giving Officer of the Büüm Foundation
  • Lori Speers – Director of Travel Services

Though you can usually find out a lot about a company by taking a better look at its founder and there is lots of history on CEO Holton Buggs.

Who is Holton Buggs?

Join iBuumerang. - Holton Buggs

Holton Buggs came into this world in the United States (Tampa, FL) on September 26th, 1972.

Elevated by one mom in the tasks, Holton needed much more from living and created an entrepreneurial spirit.

To generate additional cash, he started cutting locks at the age of fourteen, after which he began selling chocolate to various other neighborhood kids.

It was then Buggs found the power of leverage:

He worked out that in case he purchased candy in large quantities and subsequently recruited his friends to market it for him, he can nonetheless create an income without needing to make all of the efforts.

Smart child.

Holton negotiated to provide cost-free haircuts to any of his friends who agreed to promote chocolate for him without getting paid.

Funnily enough, one of the twelve friends he recruited has become his wife – Earlene Buggs.

The seed for Holton’s later MLM profession was firmly placed though it’d nonetheless take another ten years to bear fruit.

After high school graduation, he moved to Texas Southern Faculty for a football scholarship with aspirations of making the NFL one day.

Until he injured the leg of his.

The injury dashed the hopes of actively playing pro ball, but Holton was motivated to succeed and continued with his engineering research.

Is iBuumerang a Scam A Pyramid Scheme Holton

He was invited to his 1st network marketing event and then released on the idea of MLM.

Influenced by the speakers and the passive income business model, Buggs was hooked right away, but success will have to wait.

After graduating from university, he quickly discovered that an engineer’s income would not buy him the lifestyle and economic goals he desired.

And so in 1996, Holton began a prosperous furniture business and thought he made it.

Though the economic system quickly changed and much loved that, he went of business.

Holton Buggs - Travel Savings

At the age of twenty-seven, Buggs discovered himself $ 250,000 in debt, forty-five days clear of home foreclosure, and also his prized Lexus had just been reclaimed.

After that, he has a call that would alter his lifestyle forever:

A buddy told him about a brand new MLM company he must take a look at.

Holton reluctantly decided to offer network marketing an additional shot with limited choices out there and went all in.

Because of timing that is good and also an insane work ethic, he proceeded to create six-figure earnings over the following ninety days.


The company was a sketchy outfit identified as CyberWize – a dietary MLM which relied very much on online marketing to recruit new members.

Holton would quickly leave CyberWize for a much better chance with a different outfit known as YTB International (aka “Your Travel Biz”) – a travel-based MLM.

By 2008, Holton and his good friend Edwin Haynes had established a good team of distributors along with your Travel Biz.

But after several investigations and lawsuits accused Your Travel Biz of becoming an illegal pyramid scheme, Holton ultimately left, plus the company went bust.

Holton rapidly rebounded in 2010 and quickly discovered success once again. This period together with the coffee-based MLM company Organo Gold exactly where he made the mark of his.

Fast-forward a couple of short years to the conclusion of 2013:

Holton made $ 1.3 million per month and claims to have established a system of more than three million distributors, which makes him a premier earner in the MLM industry.

Holton Buggs Launches iBuumerang

But it would be best if you acknowledged that Holton’s bio reads like a traditional rags-to-riches story.

Stay with me today because here is where things begin to get yourself a lil’ weird:

In 2018, Organo Gold announced a partnership with a blockchain company known as Digital SkyNet Restricted to “improve our worldwide operations platform.”

The only issue was that Digital SkyNet had also been the parent company associated with a scammy cryptocurrency MLM (e.g., Bitcoin), known as IQ Chain (later rebranded as IQ Legacy).

How much is Holton Buggs worth?

iBuumerang Review: MLM Pyramid Scheme Scam Or Easy Opportunity?

Holton Buggs has a net worth of $13.2 Million and is the driving force behind ORGANO product launches plus incentive programs. He’s presently the Chief Visionary Officer, accountable for the global perspective, which will set the tone and the pace for business development and then continued worldwide expansion for ORGANO.

Long before his success, Holton was $250,000 in debt, had his Lexus reclaimed, and was forty-five days from foreclosure. He recognized that a thing needed to change, which change required to be him.

Since becoming successful, Holton’s quest is affecting the lives of more than a hundred million people, spiritually, economically, along individually, so this particular podcast is one way of accomplishing that.

Is iBuumerang a MLM?

iBuumerang Review: Pyramid Scheme or Legit Travel MLM?

Yes iBuumerang is a MLM. Let me be frank with you, MLM’s make people money.

But the people it does bring in the cash for is not you.

This is because getting into this industry requires a lot of work.

And when you start from the bottom you have to recruit, recruit, and recruit some more.

9 times out of 10 though people don’t come out on top. These are stats you can’t ignore.

So with those odds not in your favor and the up-hill battle you face to profit let alone become a millionaire as all these owners claim, It’s ultimately not worth it.

Is iBuumerang a pyramid scheme?

iBuumerang a pyramid scheme?

Some people love to call all MLM’s a pyramid scheme, but that is not always accurate. Some certainly are, and the CEO of iBuumerang continues to be engaged in pyramid schemes in previous times.

But iBuumerang certainly is not an outright pyramid scheme but does possess some components of one.

Part of your commissions from iBuumerang is like the photograph above and is exactly why there are some similarities to some pyramid scheme.

You observe with MLM’s the vast majority of your earnings generally comes from recruitment and constructing a downline.

The main reason people do this’s you get a piece of every sale of the people below – the recruits you bring in, your recruit’s recruits, your recruit’s recruit’s recruits, and so on.

You can offer the services of iBuumerang straight to customers and also make profits that way.

Though you create a great deal more when you’ve hundred people working under you, you do only work on your own.

How Does iBuumerang Work?

Here is the deal:

Travel MLMs have existed for decades, so the idea is not new.

iBuumerang is a program where distributors can point their friends to the iGo reserving engine, offering travel discounts.

Yet another company, Xstream Travel, operates iGo and could just be seen by all those with an iBuumerang program.

As an iBuumerang distributor, you can offer “boomerangs” (iGo login access) to anybody who may be keen on preserving cash on travel plans.

ibuumerang iGO Training experiences

Like so:

If a person utilizes your iGo boomerang, they can look for travel deals just as they’d on various other websites like TripAdvisor, Kayak, Expedia, etc.

iGo has several deals worth hundreds, much less than the large travel sites.

These offers consist of rental cars, hotels, and standard flights to far more unusual choices as cruises, theme parks, and deluxe home rentals.

Additionally, they enjoy a low price guarantee for rental cars and hotels: If you discover a reduced price online, they will conquer it by 110 % of the impact.

It will be impressive if that put on to flights also (it doesn’t), but getting the guaranteed lowest cost for just a hotel is excellent.

As stated previously, the best way to obtain these cost savings is by getting a boomerang from an unbiased iBuumerang distributor, aka Travel Savings Ambassador (TSA).

As a Travel Savings Ambassador, if somebody uses your boomerang to reserve a journey on the iGo website, you will get a percentage.

You earn money whenever customer saves your money.

Easy, peasy.

Now here is where it becomes interesting:

The quantity of boomerangs you can send out depends upon your iBuumerang membership level.

As you would expect, the greater the membership fee, the more boomerangs you get for the monthly schedule.

Also, the more boomerangs you’ve, the more significant number of commissions you can create (e.g., send five boomerangs monthly, you can get as many as five other customers monthly).

In case you desire more boomerangs, there are three ways to get them:

  • Upgrade to a more significant program level (we’ll discuss this later)
  • Buy a lot more individual boomerangs (cost is not listed yet)
  • Recruit other iBuumerang people

The last one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

This is an MLM, so you just knew it had been going to be about recruiting sooner or later, right?

 iBuumerang iDecide

But here is the good news:

Thankfully, recruiting was made somewhat simpler by the final part of the iBuumerang system: the iDecide active business presentation.

This automated video continues to be slickly assembled with the people at iBuumerang corporate.

I have to acknowledge, the iDecide device is pretty damn awesome.

Let us face it:

The most challenging part of becoming an MLMer is needing to make all of those cell phone calls and presentations to people (aka recruiting).

You may lose your voice, forget about the program, fart because you are anxious, etc.

(The last one might be me.)

If you can send someone an email or text to take a look at a slick lil’ video demonstration, it can make things a great deal simpler.

Some people could discover that presentation a bit way too slick for their liking (myself included).

Naturally, it is working for many peeps, though, which describes why iBuumerang is exploding in growth.

How Can You Cancel Your iBuumerang Membership

Cancellation Experience

According to their Policies web page, in case you joined iBuumerang as an Ambassador (aka distributor):

  • Ambassadors might stop the Agreement within 3 (three) days of delivery and get a complete refund of all Ambassador costs and some voluntary sales aids buys.
  • After the 3 (three) day rescission phase, an Ambassador might nonetheless stop the Ambassador, and the Agreement may well return some sales aids for your money back.
  • But we need to say you have been a member for many weeks and wish to stop, what next?

According to the company’s terms and Conditions:

Term: Notice of cancellation needs to be received ten business days before your Monthly Anniversary Date to stay away from costs for that month.

In short:

If you signed up, you’ve got three days to stop and also obtain your money back. Beyond that, you have to post a cancellation request ten business days before your monthly membership date.

You can achieve iBuumerang assistance through their website and via email:

Today why don’t we discuss several of the pros and cons of this famous MLM.

Pros: Is iBuumerang Legit?

✓ High value, in-demand product.

Fact: almost all people like to vacay and also would like the best deals they’re able to have.

And since travel packages typically cost you thousands of dollars, the capability to save somebody a chunk of change on their future trip is enormous.

Not to say it is a great deal simpler to approach your family and friends with an item that’ll save them money.

This can give you an excellent cut of the earnings as an iBuumerang distributor, which could add as much as $100 ‘s from one iGo booking.

Compared to anything as weight reduction supplements with a twenty dollars benefit per order, it suggests you can begin making money with a lot fewer sales.

✓ An established business name.

Establish Business Name

Holton Buggs is a recognized figure in the MLM community, rising to the pinnacle of any business he has been a part of during the last thirty years.

He is a master recruiter, charismatic speaker, and he can also sell ice to an Eskimo:

Even though I am reluctant to utilize the expression “cult of personality,” there is simply no questioning the guy appeals to a great deal of interest, which is a significant reason why iBuumerang has encountered such fast success.

Mr. Buggs is undoubtedly somebody you would want to have on your side if you’re going to create an extensive network marketing business.

✓ The opportunity being in on the ground floor.

I have said it before, and I will state it again:

But honestly, one of the primary issues with MLMs is getting in before everybody else has read about it.

Generally, the few MLMers that help make the most cash are the people working in the lengthiest and have the largest downlines.

Get into iBuumerang:

Because it was nothing but merely introduced in 2019, there is no significant, known upline above you… just yet.

And so, in case you choose to sign up today, it still may be soon enough to be of all those MLM moguls with a downline that extends across many continents.

Another extra benefit:

A brand new company indicates that your potential customers and recruits are not going to find twenty years of scam claims and cases on Google… yet.

✓ It guaranteed the lowest price.

When you can locate a reduced cost someplace online (cars and hotels only), iBuumerang will refund you 110% of the impact.

Along with the travel websites out there, it is quite a bold move to give probably the lowest price guarantee, so that is an obvious plus because of this company.

✓ Cutting edge tools.

Cutting edge tools

The capacity to send out “boomerangs” (iGo access) and obtain paid out whether someone books a journey helps make the business easy to comprehend and use.

The iGo traveling booking motor helps make it handy for anybody to reserve a journey.

And their iDecide advanced webinar equipment is highly professional and will create the entire recruiting process less stressful.

Cons: Is iBuumerang a Pyramid Scheme?

High ticket product.

Thus, the great news about promoting travel packages is that every individual sale can enable you to get much more than promoting a product or maybe anti-aging cream.

Though it is only some rainbows:

Booking a drive is inexpensive, and travel remains a luxury product that many people cannot easily afford.

(Even with iBuumerang’s price cut prices.)

That suggests you will genuinely need to focus on the right audience (who have additional cash) to sell enough of those offers to create a serious bank.

A debatable founder.

A Debatable Founder

“Hey, hold out a second. You are simply listing all of the benefits as negatives!”

Guilty as charged, Sherlock.

Here is why:

In case you Google “Holton Buggs” and begin digging, you will see a great deal of motivational MLM and video speeches.

Though you will also discover a history of questionable MLM businesses as well as lawsuits.

Including Holton being engaged in a travel-based MLM (YTB International), which went bankrupt after several pyramid scheme accusations.

What is my point?

Nobody’s ideal, but if you are considering joining iBuumerang, Holton Buggs has a few prior red flags you need to be aware of.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and we cannot overlook the bad reviews this particular company probably has.

iBuumerang is completely new without a history of achievement.

Without History of Achievement

Figures indicate that 70% of small businesses fail within 10 years.

And even n99% of MLMers fail to make some cash.

So iBuumerang being a newbie to the MLM community is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, there is a chance to be in on the ground floors before the company gets established and well-known.

On the flip side, there is a pretty good possibility you will not make a cent with iBuumerang – whether or not the company remains around in several years.

Of course, choose your adventure.

iBuumerang is truly only Xstream Travel on a stick.

The skinny:

Xstream Travel operates iBummerang’s travel booking platform (iGo).

Run by David Manning, Xstream features an extended history associated with travel-based MLMs that discuss one thing in common…

They practically all fizzled out or perhaps failed.

So what helps make iBuumerang different than all of the various other traveling MLMs which have collapsed under Xstream’s timepiece?

Great question – I suppose time will tell.

iBuumerang is still an MLM company.

MLM Company

If you are a newcomer to the MLM aka network advertising world…

Achievements in this particular business do not imply promoting almost all getaway packages.

Like virtually all MLMs, the best iBuumerang distributors will be the very best recruiters (e.g., Holton Buggs), and just one percent are successful.

So you better be prepared to be a prospecting machine and get virtually everyone you know supporting or work with your unique biz.

What is the iBuumerang Compensation Plan?

iBuumerang Review - Travel Savings Bonus

First of all… each MLM compensation plan is confusing! So I will keep this as simple as possible.

Don’t forget that your first job as an iBuumerang affiliate is helping people save cash on traveling!

Here is the iBuumerang compensation plan.

Stating that you will find six methods you can generate cash from iBuumerang:

1. Referred Travel Bonus – The first way is to send a person to Xstream Travel immediately. You will get twenty-five percent of the commission as a “referral bonus” when the buyer purchases anything here.

2. Travel Savings Bonus (TSB) – You make money if you deliver direct someone and a Boomerang to the iGo traveling portal. This may be overwhelming, so I am just gonna work with an instance of referring a buddy to help:

  • Typical journey price = $1,000
  • iGo offer = $700
  • Complete savings = $300

The friend of yours (customer) gets fifty percent of the saving, which means the entire price of the journey is $700 + (50% of $300) = $850

If you’re coach class, you get fifty percent of the savings = $75

If you’re Business/ First class, you get 100% of the cost savings = $150. Simple, right?… kind of!

3. Fast Start Bonus (aka Direct Sales Bonus) – Commission for recruiting new iBuumerang distributors (twenty dollars, forty dollars, or maybe eighty dollars for an advisor, business, or first class recruit)

4. Dual Team Bonus (aka Residual Commission) – You get a 10 to 20 % bonus on your respective “weakest leg.”

Compensation plan

iBuumerang relies on a “binary” commission building so the people you recruit could develop “teams” under them.

I told you it could get confusing!

All that you have to understand is you get extras from your team’s attempts.

5. Unilevel Commissions – Paid monthly dependent on your individually enrolled recruits’ earnings. You can generate an additional 5 to 10 % on seven “levels deep.”

6. Leadership Development Bonus – If your private recruits attain a more excellent ranking, you receive a second bonus…

Can You Make Money With iBuumerang?

 You Can Make Money

It is simply no simple task to generate cash from iBuumerang.

Here is one thing you will not pick up on their website or from the person who introduced you to it…

The majority of people are going to lose money as being a distributor.

The handful of people who generate money treat them much more like a regular “sales manager” position. When you earn some pocket cash from part-time tasks, you’ll probably become one of the people who waste money (unless you understand a load of people that go on ready-packaged holidays many times a year).

Is iBuumerang Business Opportunity Worth Joining?

Business Opportunity - xstream travel

Let me put it this way:

Many people love traveling and get vacations anytime they can pay for it.

That explains why traveling is an$8 trillion-dollar industry.

Additionally, it describes the reason Holton Buggs founded iBuumerang, and it is cashing in.

Holton’s an MLM legend with nearly thirty years in the business along with a proven history of achievement.

His key?

A serious work ethic and talent that is undeniable for motivating individuals to join his network marketing companies.

Watch Holton describe precisely how he introduced his prior Organo Gold business:

(Doesn’t recruiting people sounds like fun?)

But Holton’s lack of great judgment is concerning, particularly after getting involved with much more questionable businesses over the years.

Including a travel-based MLM (YTB International) that ultimately went bankrupt after several lawsuits alleged the company would have been a pyramid scheme.

Yet another matter I have is dependent on something Holton said in the clip.

Professionals launch a small business. Amateurs join a small business. I do not join anything. I’m a launcher. I launch.

This explains why Mr. Buggs launched iBuumerang, and it is now making a massive amount of dollars.

Therefore here is what you need to be to ask yourself:

Are you a “launcher” who could observe yourself aggressively recruiting close friends and family into your business?

Put simply, are you cool with harassing them on social networking to join your ability?

Few more:

Do you have a lot of friends who often take expensive vacations?

And are you prepared to have a possibility holding a new company which could fizzle out much love Holton’s previous travel MLM?

In that case, good luck with your luanch

What are the iBuumerang Pros?

  • Exponential Growth
  • NO Selling
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Training & Tools
  • Free Replicated Website

Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth

iBuumerang appears to be encountering several exponential growths since the initial day it got set in motion, whereas thousands of people joined the company as TSAs.

Furthermore, iBuumerang made $20 million in product sales within its 1st six weeks in business.

Additionally, during 2019, iBuumerang settled more than $10 million in profits to its TSAs.

They’re some excellent numbers…

No Selling

No Selling

What separates iBuumerang from every other MLM out there is that its business opportunity entails No marketing at all.

Rather than getting people to pay for something or maybe a system, iBuumerang’s TSAs acquire their commissions by helping people obtain substantial deals on travel-related providers that they’d ultimately buy anyway.

Traveling is a $9 trillion industry… Virtually every working person usually spends a minimum of a few thousands of dollars on holiday per year.

The odds are that nearly all people are not likely to pass up a chance to continue a significant chunk of that cash in their pockets.

That is precisely why iBuumerang’s opportunity is ideal for all those who hate to deal with promoting (like me).

Guaranteed Lowest Price

Guaranteed Lowest Price

iBuumerang provides a “110% Lowest Price Guarantee” on every hotel, rental automobile, along with weekly visits you or maybe your clients book through iGo.

For instance, if somebody guides a hotel room for $ 1000 through iGo, after which they discover which they might have booked this very same hotel room for 1dolar1 800 through TripAdvisor, iBuumerang will refund them with 110% of the big difference between iGo’s and also TripAdvisor’s value [$thousand – $ 800) * 110% = $220 refund].

This essentially means that if anybody books their travel with iGo, they are sure to spend the very least likely cash even if iGo’s costs are not the lowest out there.

Training & Tools

Training & Tools

Most MLMs provide extremely minimal or perhaps no sales and recruitment training.

Nevertheless, upon joining iBuumerang, you will have the ability to get into plenty of instruction modules within your private back office.

Additionally, iBuumerang’s support facility involves a few more video tutorials and how-to guides which center around several topics, such as:

  • Setting up payments
  • Accessing your private back office
  • Sending out buumerangs
  • Advertising your business
  • Commissions & Compensation Plan
  • & more

Furthermore, YouTube is swarming with training on how you can efficiently give out your buumerangs, exactly how to recruit more TSAs, how you can condition your downlines and teams, and so on, etc.

Finally, as a TSA for iBuumerang, you will get the hands of yours on “iDecide.”

iDecide is a professionally made active business presentation platform that you can use to present iBuumerang’s business opportunity to possible recruits.

This can enable you to optimize the recruits of yours painlessly and more simply…

Based on iBuumerang, iDecide’s presentation features quite a tall rate of conversion.

Free Replicated Website

Free Replicated Website

Upon joining iBuumerang as a Travel Saving Ambassador, the company gives you a free replicated iBuumerang website.

When people sign-up as Travel Saving Ambassador through your replicated website, you will instantly turn into their sponsor, and they will be part of your downline.

If promoted suitably, that replicated website might enable you to optimize your recruits and, therefore, your income.

What are the iBuumerang Cons?

  • Expensive Signup Packs
  • No Income Disclosure
  • Founder’s Sketchy Past
  • Negative Feedback

Expensive Enrollment Kits

Expensive Enrollment Kits

Excluding the Standby enrollment kit, which expenses $49.95 per month, the rest of iBuumerang’s enrollment kits are pretty expensive.

  • The Coach Class system costs a $250 original charge and $49.95 per month.
  • The business Class system costs a $500 original charge and $99.95 per month.
  • And also, the First class package costs a $750 original charge and $99.95 per month.

Today, to join iBuumerang as a TSA, you technically will not be made to buy some system besides the Standby.

Nevertheless, the issue here is that Standby TSAs appear to be qualified just because of the Referred Travel Bonus rather than for:

  • Travel Savings Bonuses
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Dual Team Commissions
  • Unilevel Commissions
  • Leadership Development Bonus

That being said, if you want to earn cash as iBuumerang’s TSA, you will undoubtedly need to purchase one of its most costly kits.

No Income Disclosure Statement

No Income Disclosure Statement

While US-based MLM companies are not required to post profits Disclosure Statement, several major MLMs publish one anyway to benefit trustworthiness and transparency.

However, iBuumerang’s IDS that ought to have been printed in early 2020 remains on hold.

This might be because iBuumerang is operating for under two years and may miss the needed statistical data to build a reliable and accurate IDS.

Founder’s Sketchy Past

Founder's Sketchy Past

Through the years, iBuumerang’s founder, Holton Buggs, is engaged in a variety of shady situations and sketchy schemes.

As mentioned at the start of this iBuumerang review, the vast majority of MLMs Holton had joined, until he founded iBuumerang, turned out to be pyramid schemes.

The very first one was a nutritionally based pyramid scheme named CyberWize.

After making CyberWize, Holton joined YTB International. This travel-based MLM company was sued for $25 million by California Attorney General Jerry Brown to utilize deceptive advertising practices and work as a pyramid scheme.

In 2013, YTB filed for bankruptcy, got offered to Jamraval, Inc., and was rebranded as YTB Global Travel.

After leaving YTB International, Holton joined a coffee-based MLM known as Organo Gold, whereas he was ultimately promoted as CVO (Chief Visionary Officer).

Organo Gold

Fast forward several years, around 2018, Holton got employed as the executive advisor of any cryptocurrency MLM known as IQ Chain.

Sometime later, in 2019, IQ Chain obtained exposed as a Ponzi scheme.

At that same period, Holton and Organo Gold were likewise being accused of:

  • misappropriation of trade secrets
  • tortious interference with contracts
  • breaches of fiduciary duty
  • unjust enrichment
  • and fraudulent transfer of an additional MLM business, AmeriSciences.

A few weeks before iBuumerang was set in motion, Holton plus Organo Gold had been each found guilty and have been held jointly likely paying a $4 million fine.

To make things much worse, the story of Xstream Travel’s CEO, David Manning, is very discouraging.

Manning was associated with many various other travel-based MLMs such as:

  • Paycation
  • Traverus Travel
  • Yes Travelers
  • Travel Works

It is expected that all those businesses used to talk about, besides being owned or operated by David Manning, is they each failed miserably!

Furthermore, Paycation plus Traverus Travel have been posing as standalone traveling organizations when they had been simply affiliates of

Becoming an associate for was free, but to sign up for Paycation and Traverus Travel, you’d to spend signup and membership fees.

That is sneaky.

Nevertheless, this is precisely how iBuumerang came to be? Holton got Xstream Travel’s booking platform and affiliate program and developed an MLM around them.

Frankly, iBuumerang is not much more than Xstream Travel with a somewhat different compensation plan.

Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback

Over the one and a half years of its existence, iBuumerang has received many nasty comments online.

First and foremost, BBB (Better Business Bureau) has rated iBuumerang with a D, which is an awful rating.

Furthermore, iBuumerang has received more than a dozen issues under its BBB profile.

To be reasonable, nearly all of the claims center around false charges & refunds.

Finally, this particular Reddit thread named Escaped iBuumerang has a couple of accounts of former TSAs who left iBuumerang after getting quite a bad experience with the company.

Be sure to give it a read.

How do I contact iBuumerang?

Contact iBuumerang

Call: Phone Number: 1-866-844-5682.

They will be happy to assist you with any account access issues you may be having. For all other issues, we highly recommend using the live chat option.

Available Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 6 PM EST.

iBuumerang: Quick Summary

Quick Summary

iBuumerang has a solution that many people want and need:

getaways at discount prices.

Despite iBuumerang discount rates, vacations would be a luxury that many still cannot pay for (limited prospects). Founder Holton Buggs is an established leader plus understands recruiter within the MLM industry. Holton Buggs has been associated with a travel MLM that was turned off after pyramid scheme accusations. Distributors receive the very best travel rates, and the company has probably the lowest price guarantee on rental cars. iBuumerang and hotels continue to be fighting against the significant travel sites that currently provide rock bottom prices. iBuumerang was just introduced in 2019, so there nonetheless may be a chance of being in on the ground floor. Since the company is brand new, it has no history of stability and might not survive long term. Modern tools are used by the company to market and recruit, like the iGo booking motor & iDecide active delivering presentations. The iDecide presentations could be a tad too slick for a few, and also recruiting remains a big challenge for many people (one% success rate).

iBuumerang is essentially a program where distributors can direct their friends to the iGo booking engine, which provides travel discounts. iGo is run by another company, Xstream Travel, and can only be accessed by those with an iBuumerang membership.

Ibuumerang is a network marketing business (MLM) using a travel booking platform to offer members travel savings and even a way to make money with Ibuumerang. Holton Buggs, company CEO, founded it in March 2019 with David Manning, President of XStream Travel, and Terrance Gray, VP of Business Development.