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Josh Osborne wasn’t always the successful upbeat person you see him as today. In fact, for the first 25 years of his life, he struggled with numerous issues at home and with the law. But he didn’t give up and he kept moving forward no matter what challenges got in his way. Josh Osborne’s mindset you see today was born out of all the experiences, good and bad, that he went through. Even though he used to wish he could fit in with the regular 9-5 path, he sure is glad that he met a mentor who took a liking to him and taught about a greater way of life.

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Date Of Birth

 December 21, 1984



Source Of Wealth

Digital Marketing, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

Net Worth

$13 Million


When Josh Osborne was a kid, he was always in some sort of trouble for never sitting still and never doing what he was told. After a while, he really wondered if he was going to be a failure since he never seemed to be able to do what others wanted him to…

However, that was just about the time when Josh realized that he and all the other business leaders and entrepreneurs of this time had a lot in common. They always had something to do, they always wanted to learn, and just couldn’t sit still. They didn’t listen to society and follow a path already set for them…they all forged their own. Josh started running towards his own goals and making people’s lives better from all over the country!


Once Josh Osborne started taking action on his new found purpose in life he started, and grew, the largest moving company in all of Colorado. But still, he didn’t feel entirely fulfilled, something was missing. He never had time to spend with his family and was almost always sleeping in the warehouse. It wasn’t too much longer after that, that Josh had a heart attack. That was a turning point for him. He realized working like a dog every single day wasn’t going to get him where he wanted to be, so he started looking for other ways to make money…specifically online.

In roughly 2014 Josh was introduced to the lead generation business model. In a nutshell, all he had to do was build websites, rank them, and forward those leads to business owners. He thought it was simple enough, so he dove in head first.

Josh loved this business model. Not only was he able to spend more time with his family, but he was also having a much larger impact on people. He was able to help not just the end customer as he was used to, but also the business owner by growing their business. Taking them from 40 jobs a month to 80!

As a past business owner and silent partner of many other businesses in Colorado, Josh is really able to identify with the business owners that need his services. He’s not just “another” digital marketer. He practices what he preaches.


Today you can find Josh Osborne in Colorado Springs operating one of the largest digital marketing agencies (Mr. and Mrs. Leads) in the country. He operates it alongside wife Danelle Osborne. Josh and Danelle have two sons.

Besides running his own agency, Josh has begun expanding into the online coaching / mentoring industry. There he owns and operates the program called Bad Ass Marketers or BAM University. There he teaches students how to start and grow an agency just like he did and doesn’t leave anything up to guess work. 

If you visit their website, you will see countless testimonials of people who were able to quit their jobs and live financially free.

Josh Osborne has been teaching his students to grow and expand during this time of everyone else downsizing. He believes that there is no better time than now to become financially independent.

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