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Le-vel MLM Reviews: A Wellness Scam, or Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

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Le-vel MLM

It almost sounds like your weekend earworm from a rap song — posh cars, lavish vacations, and continual flow of oodles of moolah. All these things await the affiliates of Le-vel Thrive. This is life the Le-vel Thrive way.

What you need to know about Thrive

This is how Le-Vel markets to sell or find people to sign up in order to sell. Their lead products are patches, health shakes, nutritional supplements — which all sum up the company’s product lines. This is also known as the Thrive experience.

It was established about nine years ago — and it declares to be “the hottest weight-loss, nutrition, and fitness plan” that ever swept the United States. Huge claim. Now, the big question for first-time users is this: Do Thrive products actually work?

Let us take a closer look and see for ourselves.

Le vel Thrive Products Review: Is it of good quality?

If you check out Le-Vel’s official web page, you will find a video that promotes Le-Vel Thrive and asserts that the product line of Thrive — which, by the way, amounts between a hundred to three hundred dollars monthly on an auto-delivery program — allows the customers to “achieve high physical and mental levels.” Unfortunately, a lot of reviews about the company’s products show that they actually do not have sufficient clinical and scientific studies to support these claims.

Instead, Le-Vel shows several high-favored testimonies. These testimonies purport that the Thrive products actually work. Reviews about their products mainly say that these testimonies are merely anecdotal and not part of extensive research or clinical studies.

The review also shows that these people who gave out testimonies show through their social media accounts that they try to bid for the Thrive products in one way or the other. This puts these so-called testimonies in a biased light. Needless to say, its affiliates or brand promoters will definitely push and sell and promote their own products. That’s what a good “Thriver” would do.

Adverse health reviews

Aside from shady anecdotal claims and so-called testimonies, it has also received some antagonistic health evaluations. For the past eight years, Le vel Thrive has been receiving a growing number of adverse health reports. To date, the FDA has received a total of 16 health event reports regarding the products of Thrive. The very usual symptoms being reported are increased blood pressure, headache, and stomach pain. The reports show that almost 19% of those who reported negative health events needed to visit the emergency room and warranted hospitalization. The makers of Thrive’s dietary supplements including those who have similar products are not actually required to get FDA approval before releasing it to the market. However, they are obliged to report adverse health events to the government agency.

Income disclosures of Le-vel’s brand promoters

Perhaps, just like all the rest of the people out there, you are curious and you want to know the percentage of promoters who make a substantial amount of money by selling Thrive. Some people think recruiting and signing up others to join, receive the same compensation. However, Le-Vel claims in the welcome video mentioned earlier — that a promoter can actually earn more and “set up a regular weekly extra income” to work as a promoter for its leading brand. But if you look into their website, around it or in it — you could never find an income disclosure statement there.

Le-vel MLM Rewards plan

Le-Vel’s rewards plan is rife with a lot of mind-boggling jargon. It includes acronyms like BV, which remains unexplained. It is difficult to decode how exactly a promoter can process and enjoy that lavish opulent lifestyle that promoters use to entice people to join the MLM company.

If you look into the web site’s policies, terms, and contents of the page, this is what is indicated:

“The earnings of Le-Vel Brand Promoters relating to Le-Vel Brands LLC and are not necessarily a representation of the income, if any, that a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will earn through his or her participation in the Le-Vel Compensation Plan.”

LeVel Thrive Compensation Plan

If you’re considering joining LeVel Thrive as a business opportunity, then check out and look deeper into the LeVel compensation plan.

As mentioned it is a multi-level marketing company and has a compensation plan that is somewhat close to various MLM companies. There are more than ten ways that LeVel brand promoters can earn money including other rewards. Let’s look into the less complicated ones.

Uni-Level Team Commissions – you can earn money through commissions on the sales of your personally sponsored brand promoters, down to 8 levels.

VIP Auto Bonus – auto bonus of either $800 or $1600 on a monthly basis

Lifestyle Getaways – all-expense paid holidays to as far as Italy, including Alaska, Las Vegas, and Napa Valley.

Based on other people’s experience working in an MLM, confusing terms seem to be a mark of a lot of multi-level marketing companies.

No green light in the UK

Well, this brand is a No Go in the UK — the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) not long ago found it violating the regulatory body advertising code of the U.K. The advertisement purports an issue regarding “ph balancing blend, enhanced weight loss management, and immune support.” Those claims and assertions surfaced on a Facebook ad. Le-Vel stated it was not put up by any of its promoters, though the copy completely resembles how LeVel showcases the exact same supplement on their own official website. Finally, it was concluded when the ASA ruled that Le-Vel, as “beneficiaries of the marketing material,” was at the helm of the ad. They were ordered not to make that advertisement appear again that way.

More complaints from the people

As one digs deeper into the Le-vel reviews, one sees more complaints from people filed against it. It was reported that the company is difficult to reach when promoters call with issues — and there were several issues and problems. The brand promoters themselves spoke out against not being able to receive the promised commissions and not canceling the auto-shipment delivers of customers when request and about a whole lot of difficulties like getting neuronal information of the product line.

One customer in a review says that when a person asks about ingredients and specifics of the product, there is no one, not a soul, to answer queries like this. Another customer complained that the MLM company is a scam and it victimizes people who are in anguish — desperately wanting to lose weight. And once they want to cancel their orders, the MLM company continues to charge.

Very Bad Rating

Unfortunately, it’s a B-B-Bad rating for Le-Vel Thrive. With the Better Business Bureau or BBB, Le-Vel Thrive’s rating went as low as F. Although BBB ratings actually fluctuate, the wellness entity has not responded regarding questions on missing information regarding their products or the average income and other issues raised by their brand promoters. So that’s the thing. It leaves a lot of room for doubt, which leads other people to think that it’s a pyramid scheme.

Although the brand has a significant number of negatives, 1-star reviews on the BBB, there are some positive comments interspersed with the negative ones.

However, these positive comments seem to come from LeVel brand promoters, which makes one wonder if these are actually biased evaluations.

Is Le-Vel Thrive a pyramid scheme?

Now that’s something most people are wondering. Is Le-vel Thrive making real money the legit way? Is it really a good way to have a business opportunity as purported in their so-called “Thrive experience”? And rightly so. Who’s to blame people when most of them were promised fast and easy profits. This is very typical of a marketing company.

But to answer your question about whether Le-Vel Thrive is a pyramid scheme– the answer is NO. As we know pyramid schemes are illegitimate and Le-Vel Thrive is not considered one as the company actually sells a product.

It is not categorically a scam. And yet as in all MLM companies, one gets judged as guilty with pyramid schemes until proven otherwise.

But let’s dive into this query and find out more about Level Thrive.

LeVel Review Summary

To put things in a nutshell, check this bit of info out:

Name of Company: LeVel Thrive

Founder of this company: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette

Type of Products: Wellness Products

Price: $100-$300/month

Founders of LeVel Thrive: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette

The brand is a wellness company that markets a “premium lifestyle system” that purports to help in attaining “peak physical and mental levels.” The main method of sales is through the recruitment of “Brand Promoters” who at the same time, make a commission for the products they sell.

Their best and the most important product is the “THRIVE Experience.” It’s a three-step regimen that constitutes of quality lifestyle capsules”, “ultra-micronized shake drink and “Thrive premium lifestyle DFT”, which are basically like patches that are created to “infuse the skin” with a “unique, premium-grade Thrive lifestyle formula.”

People who are big fans of this regimen say that their experience makes them feel more alive. Fans of the 3-step regimen claim it helps them feel more energized.

It sells its products via its “Brand Promoters” who earn a commission on product sales.

Product Review: What Does It Sell?

In addition to the Three-step “THRIVE Experience” mentioned above, LeVel has expanded its product range to include the following product line:

Thrive Skin

a three-step system known as peel, reduce, restore. It is also enriched with CBD oil

Thrive Fit Build

it’s a protein blend of whey and casein

Thrive Fit Recover

this is for post-exercise formula consisting of carbohydrates and protein

Thrive Fit

it claims to be the perfect pre-exercise tool as it contains branch chain amino acid in powder form.

Thrive Plus

this one boasts to have greater results in terms of weight management, supports strong immune, mental clarity, and energy and relaxation support. This is in addition to the 3-step regimen.

Do their Products Work?

Now, that’s a valid question. LeVel Thrive does make a lot of awe-inspiring claims about their products. This includes weight loss management, making cognitive performance better, supplying stronger immune and digestive support, among other things.

The bigger question is if these products actually have scientific backing. Do these claims have scientific evidence to hold up their assertions? With regard to the Thrive patches, particularly their ingredients and components, well-respected doctors state that there is no evidence that the patch delivery system has been studied and researched in clinical trials. Furthermore, there are no studies performed to evaluate the efficacy of the Thrive patches for weight management.

Should you join Le vel Thrive?

In conclusion, Level Thrive is not a scam. Also, based on their compensation plan, there seem to be enough opportunities to make money with LeVel.

However, here’s a caveat —and a word of caution – the Federal Trade Commission did a study on MLM companies and concluded that a huge percentage of people who join a multi-level marketing company lose money. Only a handful of people actually reach the top.

It is very important to note that while LeVel may not technically be a pyramid scheme, it is a multi-level marketing company. One should know that a huge percentage of people who join this industry actually lose money. So If you’re asking if joining this community is a good way to earn money, the answer to that is — most probably not.

Most of those who gave LeVel Thrive a shot, say most of the claims are too good to be true. This makes the products a bit of a hard sell. And in order to earn a sizeable amount of income, one needs to put in a lot of time and effort and even money into this.

Most people who join LeVel Thrive are, sadly, very not likely to make any money. Anyone who is seriously thinking about earning income through MLMs should consider it long and hard before putting their hard-earned money into an MLM business.

Of course, not all MLMs have shady products. But be wary of “get-rich-quick” schemes. And it takes a lot of wisdom to know the difference between a legit and a scam. It’s good to dodge being taken advantage of and not getting lured into buying the false promises of quick and easy profits.

So give this a lot of thought.