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In the MLM business industry, too many people fail. Many people go from one MLM company to another. Many people have unrealistic expectations for their companies, which leads to them leaving the multi-level marketing industry in months. As a result, MLM companies have gotten a negative reputation, being tagged as a scam.

Finding the right MLM business, in my opinion, will not make you wealthy or prosperous. Ultimately, you are the most crucial component of your own success. In any multi-level marketing company, you can succeed or fail. People succeed, and people fail in any enterprise.

Working with the right company, on the other hand, would make your life much simpler and more enjoyable, which would almost certainly result in much better performance.

Like you would if you were starting a traditional business, make sure you put aside some time to evaluate and review your business opportunity critically. Dig deep into it. Evaluate the company in all the aspects covered in this review. The company does not need to excel in every category in this review; but, it must pass the common sense test!

Having said that, I hope that this Norwex MLM review will be beneficial in making you decide on whether Norwex is a good business opportunity and if they have a rewarding compensation plan.

Chuck Holmes

What is Norwex?

Norwex, as its name implies, is an eco-friendly MLM company founded by Bjørn Nicolaisen in Norway in 1994.

After discovering a special microfiber cloth that was highly effective at cleaning his windshield with nothing but water, Bjørn Nicolaisen created the company.

Norwex History: Bjørn Nicolaisen

Bjørn Nicolaisen

It all started with bugs on a windshield in Norway. Bjørn Nicolaisen was exposed to a magical cloth that could easily clean a filthy windshield with only microfibre and water. The cloth’s intricate density provided tremendous cleaning ability. What began in 1994 with a miraculous cloth, a little water, and bugs on a windshield has evolved into Norwex today.

Norwex FAQ

What are the Norwex Products?

Norwex Products

There are many Norwex products, ranging from toilet cleaners to microfiber products to laundry detergent to toothbrushes and deodorants, dishcloth, and so on. They have every cleaning and personal care product you can think of.

The following are some of their best-selling products:

  • EnviroCloth – a microfiber cloth for cleaning that has the BacLock antibacterial agent.
  • Window Cloth – you can use this cloth using only water to clean surfaces such as windows, mirrors, shower doors, glass tables, and several other surfaces.
  • Laundry Detergent – a phosphate and filler-free, finely formulated powder detergent for laundry.
  • Dusting Mitt – a mitt that can be used wet or dry to dust without using chemicals.
  • Superior Mop Starter System – a chemical-free floor cleaning system.
  • Bathroom Cleaner – a concentrated solution for cleaning the bathroom that is phosphate-free and made from biodegradable materials.


Is Norwex MLM?

Yes, it is MLM. They use a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, model.

Is Norwex A Scam? A Pyramid Scheme?

At this point, I’ve realized so many people dislike multi-level marketing companies a lot. The MLM industry has often gotten a negative rap and is accused of just being a pyramid scheme in disguise, and rightly so. However, there are numerous credible stories of genuine business success and product satisfaction. The most significant element in a good MLM is having a great product and a company that truly believes in and loves these products. So, is Norwex a scam based on this description? No, Norwex is not a pyramid scheme for this reason alone.

The company is passionate about its mission to improve people’s health, preventing them from ingesting toxic substances and protecting the environment. Norwex has an excellent product with many satisfied customers who aren’t interested in starting a business venture.

It employs a multi-level marketing business model, and some might argue that it’s a pyramid scheme only because of that. That, though, is erroneous logic.

A pyramid scheme is solely focused on recruitment and does not have a high-quality product. This is not the case in Norwex. They have several excellent items that fill a gap in the industry.


You can sign up using a basic online application form. The following info will be asked:

  1. Social Security Number (US) or Social Insurance Number (Canada)  This is required to ensure accurate documentation of income earned from sales transactions.
  2. Credit Card Number  Norwex would require an active credit card on file. This card could be in your name or your spouse’s name. When you are new, and you get the starter kit for free, there is an agreement to sell $2000 (retail*) within the first 90 days, or else the company will charge you a fee of $200 for the starter kit at the end of the 90 days. Your credit card information will be kept on file to cover the $200 bill.
  3. Your mailing address, phone number, and other basic personal information.

Residents of the United States and Canada can fill out the online application form, and depending on where you live, you’ll be given different starter package options.

What Does It Cost To Become A Norwex Consultant, And What Does My Starter Kit Include?

The answer to this question varies, depending on where you live.

For those living in the US, all you need to pay for is just $9.99 for shipping and handling*)

*Aside from the $9.99 shipping and handling fee, the Norwex USA starter package is free, on the condition that you sell $2000 in merchandise within the first three months.

It usually takes three or four parties to sell $2000, or around $670 a month. You will be charged $200 if you do not sell the necessary number, which is marginally less than the value of the starter package. If you don’t sell the needed $2000, you can set aside the proceeds from your first party (which is normally $200 or more) to pay for the kit.

If you live in Canada, you have two options. Click the link below to download the Canadian Starter Kit Information in PDF format:

Is it possible for me to purchase the product only for my own use and not for resale?

Yes, you can. You’re getting a 35% discount on your purchase, which is a real bargain. It’s important to note, though, that to maintain a current status (on Norwexs’ files), you must buy a retail total of $250 in every 6-month timeframe.

Should I Keep Inventory Of Norwex Products In My Home?

Many people like being able to purchase something at a house party and take it home with them that night. You can sell inventory if you want to keep inventory. You are not expected to maintain an inventory, and Norwex makes selling without a personal inventory extremely simple.

Products ship out from our warehouse quickly and can be sent straight to you or the hostess. Any products, such as our Household Package, Laundry Detergent, and Body Pack cloths, could be useful to have on hand.

Who Is Qualified To Become A Norwex Consultant?

You are qualified if you live in Canada or the United States. The company also does business in the countries listed below, but you cannot join through a North American Representative if you are from one of these countries. You must locate a Norwex consultant in your country and contact them. You can  go to to visit the websites from these countries:

  1. Norway
  2. Australia
  3. Latvia
  4. Netherlands
  5. Estonia
  6. Germany
  7. Lithuania
  8. Ireland

Are Their Monthly Sales Requirements?

There are no sales targets to meet every month. However, If you wish to keep your discount, you must stay “current,” which means selling $250 of the retail product (or buying for your own use or as gifts) over a six-month timeframe. Because you save 35 percent on your sales, this works out to $162.50 every six months, or $27 a month. There are three different types of consultants:

  1. Current:   One who maintains $250 in retail sales every six months to stay current in the system. This does not have to be bought at once; instead, it can be spread out over the next six months. If you fail to reach this bare minimum, you will be marked as “inactive” in the system.
  2. Active:   This one generates $250 in sales every three months.
  3. Engaged:   This one has a current month’s sales of $250. Promotions are dependent on the number of consultants who are engaged. You must also fulfill the minimum sales requirement as a Team Coordinator to Senior Vice President Sales Leader.

Terms And Conditions To Become A Norwex Consultant

Before signing, you will be given the full Terms & Conditions manual as well as the Policies & Procedures manual. In a nutshell, you consent to…

  1. Buy the sales kit and generate a minimum of $250.00 (retail) in personal sales in every six-month span to remain active.
  2. Represent Norwex Enviro Products ethically and in compliance with Norwex’s regulations.
  3. Attend training if you sell Norwex merchandise to others.
  4. Be accountable for submitting and paying your Norwex orders correctly.
  5. Maintain your own tax documents as an independent contractor.
  6. Refrain from false and misleading claims about Norwex Enviro products
  7. first, get permission from Norwex Enviro Products if you choose to create media, produce content, or create some advertising for education, soliciting, or attracting customers and/or representatives.

You’ll also need to read and consent to a Media Policy document. If you want to do some online/internet marketing, this is a detailed policy outlining how you should run your operation.

Where Can I Sell Norwex Products?

Norwex consultants have a lot of flexibility in terms of where and how to market their products. Norwex can be sold not only at home parties but also…

  • to friends, families, and people you meet at work
  • participate in trade shows and exhibits
  • sell at farmers’ markets, flea markets, craft shows, and other similar events.
  • use a Norwex replicated (personalized) website to run online sales
  • fundraisers
  • write about Norwex on a blog that follows their corporate media rules.

Can I sell Norwex on eBay,, or Other Sales Sites?

No, Norwex, like virtually any other direct sales company, specifically prohibits this.

Can I Advertise My Norwex Business?

Yes, as long as you get Norwex’s permission before using any of the media you’ve made.

Does Norwex Offer Its Consultants A Shopping/ECommerce Website?

Yes.  Norwex now provides a personalized website to assist you in growing your venture! The website is maintained for a very low monthly charge, and it takes less than 15 minutes to configure to get it up and running!

It’s a valuable tool to grow your business. The website gives your clients easy access to shopping from the comfort of their own homes, and the monthly newsletter that goes out informs them of Norwex’s monthly specials. Consider the Office Suite as a platform to help you generate revenue after your Norwex home parties, as well as a way to guide new clients to shop through you.

Norwex Customer Reviews

Following are some customer reviews from Amazon .com:

“This cloth is very effective at picking up a lot of dirt. I was very pleased with how good it cleaned my kitchen cabinets, and there was no dust. It even scooped up flour in a single sweep!!”

– Sandberg

“It’s just more effective!”

– Susan Kytta

“These microfibre cloths are perfect because they don’t need any product and don’t leave a residue behind.”

– Jennifer A. Sager

Norwex Compensation Plan

In their Compensation Plan, you can build a team by sponsoring new consultants into your downline when joining the Norwex business opportunity. Consultants are also compensated with a 35 percent discount on personal retail purchases.

There are a few ranks you can climb with this company, and as you do so, your earning power increases. Below are the rankings:

  • Sales Consultant
  • Team Coordinator
  • Sales Leader
  • Executive Sales Leader
  • Vice President Sales Leader
  • Senior Executive Sales Leader
  • Executive Vice President Sales Leader
  • Senior Vice President Sales Leader

For detailed information on Norwex’s Compensation Plan, click this link and check if this community is a scam.

My Recommendation

Customers should outnumber distributors in all MLM companies. MLMs should put a lot of effort into attracting customers. You want 3-10 customers for each dealer on your team. Prepare to have a huge lunch and prepare to get the company in trouble with the FTC one day if customers outside the business aren’t buying the products.

You want a product-driven company that focuses on customer acquisition over team growth, not a pyramid scheme in disguise that focuses heavily on recruiting alone. There is no business without customers.

Is Norwex a product-driven company? Norwex has a strong vision and a solid product portfolio.

Is Norwex popular with consumers?  Yes, they are. Is Norwex a good and solid organization to join? With the right person, it might be the right choice.