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NuCerity Review: Pyramid Scheme?

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NuCerity International Inc.

What is NuCerity?

As we advance in years and become gray, the ability of our skin to react and respond becomes not as efficient as before. The skin, as the largest organ of our bodies, has two main purposes.

One is to protect our body from the environment and two — to retain essential body fluids.

When we grow older, dead skin cells rack up, the collagen formation diminishes, the skin loses its moisture, it dries up and wrinkles, gasp, begins to form.

And when the skin that acts as a barrier starts to wear out, it becomes more vulnerable to diseases.

No matter how frightening it may sound, have no fear —here comes NuCerity to the rescue! Skin losing its moisture, getting dried and wrinkly — NucCerity International was made to help deal with those gnarly skin issues.

It puts emphasis on dermatologic science, making certain that their products will create and maintain healthy skin.

So while skin issues and disease lie in wait under your skin’s darkness, you can easily lift out one of their products and apply it on your skin and kick those niggling skin problems away.

It claims that its purpose is to support the enhancement, sharing, and support of beauty in all its aspects.

Because of the foundation of their skincare science and dermatological skills, their products boost beauty in a revolutionary and natural way.

Here’s a quick summary of NuCerity Review: 

Name of Product: NuCerity International

Who are the Founders: David Dillingham, Richard Jaenicke & Lonnie McKinney in 2008

Type of Product: Skincare & Wellness MLM Company

Costs: For Startup $59/year + $120/month auto-ship

Best For: People who are keen on networking and signing up and recruiting

Is NuCerity an MLM company? 

NuCerity is a skincare & wellness MLM or multi-level marketing company that was established roughly 13 years ago in 2008.

They were established by the formidable team of Dillingham, Jaenicke, and McKinney. As mentioned earlier, NuCerity purports that “They are all about inspiring and empowering people to look, feel and live better lives through their products and the business”.

To be perfectly truthful, this is just your run-of-the-mill and pretty basic type of mission statement that is pretty much like the other MLMs in the health and wellness industry.

So, like any dutiful business person, it’s best to dig in and investigate their product line and business opportunity a little bit more.

What Is NuCerity International’s Product Line? 

NuCerity has an exceedingly narrow product line with only about 10 products or so.

The positive thing or upside to having a few products is that it gives the impression that the company keeps its eye on the ball and is extremely focused, marked, and targeted in their products.

Now, what does this imply? It implies that their products may have Premium quality. This makes NuCerity become a cut above the rest.

The downside or the bad thing about this is this —— your potential to earn money may not be that big because the target audience is very specific which makes it narrower compared to other MLM companies.

Now, here are some of the products that NuCerity carries:

Skincerity® Nightly Breathable Masque

Skincerity® Nightly Breathable Masque is Nucerity’s flagship product. It is the only patented cosmetic Breathable Barrier® technology in the world. This locks in the body’s natural moisture and hydrates skin to a high degree. Its worldwide international community of skincare consultants has taken this technology across the globe — believing in its power to transform beauty, with rewarding business opportunities to a passionate community.

Eye Effects

Eye Effects (Advanced serum) – this gives anti-aging healthy nourishment to the fine, frail is around the eyes. This is formulated clearly to aim at the crucial signs of aging – dark circles, the main culprit, the obvious fine lines around the eyes, and the puffy under eyes.

Advanced Exfoliator

Advanced Exfoliator (Nightly Breathable Masque) – this is great for lightening up the tone and texture of the face. It’s also perfect for smoothing and evening out as well as revitalizing any dry, rough skin area around the knees, heels, and elbows.

Rejuvenating Barrier

Rejuvenating Barrier (Skin nutrition) – this product is a great hydrating product that can be used below the makeup. This helps the cosmetics to be put on the skin smoothly and evenly.

Body Silk

Body Silk (SPA in a bottle) – this special fusion of oils and nutrients is made to hydrate and moisturize your skin. It gives great protection against harsh and discordant environmental conditions all through the day. It also soothes dry and sensitive skin.


Elite – This is the one and only nutritional vitamin or supplement that they have in their product line so far and it says it supports antioxidants, anti-aging, and the immune system

Is The NuCerity Product Line Worth it?

Based on research and very familiar experiences in MLM, here’s our opinion on the products:

Some people say that there’s really nothing special about NuCerity’s products! They’re no biggie.


Well, like it or not. The Skincare industry is a very ambitious and highly competitive market that has been heavily saturated. And there are a host of other skincare products and MLM companies in the exact same skincare industry.

We all know that every company has its own claims and others like NuCerity also even have certain patents or clinical studies.

But if you look at it objectively, how can one say that this one is better than the other? Most of the sellers in the skin care industry believe strongly in their products. They promote vigorously and sell heavily.

Every person has his own reason for supporting any company that they believe in. But if you come to think about it, each company is almost the same as the others — with just a little bit of difference here and there.

Is NuCerity a scam or another pyramid scheme? 

Let’s cut to the chase and answer that question, shall we?

With all its “too good to be true” sounding claims — the good news is NuCerity is a legitimate and lawful MLM business opportunity.

Although it’s just the usual MLM business model that laboriously depends on traditional warm market recruiting. In terms of products, research seems to show that they are legit but, yup, definitely overpriced.

Why would you want to join NuCerity International?

Why not its competitors? If you really dive and dig in and check out these companies, you’ll sadly find out that you coming up with a decision is not easy because they almost all look pretty much the same. Let’s dig some more here.

Now, here’s the all-embracing concept of MLM companies just like NuCerity. 

First, you sign up, and then you buy some products. Then you tell your friends and family explaining their benefits.

The next thing is to keep buying products every darn month in order to stay qualified.

Now, if you like the movement of the products and you’re really getting the benefits from using their products, then this could be a favorable business venture.

But if you don’t like it, you will have a cache of masks and face creams and whatnots — products that you never get to use and difficult to sell.

Here’s a piece of unsolicited kibitzing — it’s always best to promote products that you are passionate about. This is the best way to achieve success in any business that you get into.

How do you make money in NuCerity?

Just like any other MLM company, there are two prime methods to make money with NuCerity. You’re right. Sell and recruit.

  1. Sell their products and earn retail commissions from the products you sell
  2. Recruit and sign up people and establish your downline teams to earn various bonuses and incentives

How to Get Started with NuCerity?

To get started with NuCerity, follow these three main steps— enroll, active, qualify and remain active.

  1. To enroll with NuCerity, you have to first purchase a Starter Kit worth $59. This starter kit consists of your own website with full ordering & fulfillment systems. It can be as simple as asking your buyers to purchase products through your website and then you can get paid. This also gives you access to an office system for one whole year. Now, in order to keep and learn from your website, you need to shell out $59 every year. Compared to other companies, this cost for a start-up and is not bad at all. But this isn’t the end of it, you need to activate.
  2. In order to “activate” your account, you have to purchase any product package of at least 100 Commissionable Volume or CV. Each sales unit is assigned to each product. You can opt among the three packs: Builder Pack and Combination Pack —both at $800 USD and the Business Pack priced at only $450 USD. So, if you have been in this online business for so long, at this juncture, things will begin to start to get really costly and you’ll realize that you’re actually paying more and more money to the company. Unfortunately, this is not the end of it— you need to qualify and remain active.
  3. You have to recruit others in order to qualify. Purchasing the Starter Kit plus the product pack still doesn’t qualify you to earn a commission. You have to recruit at least 2 people into your downline team, forming that so-called 2 “legs” below you:

NuCerity’s Compensation Plan

NuCerity's Compensation Plan

Yep, here’s the deal. NuCerity uses a binary compensation plan. This simply means you need to have at least two ”legs” to earn surplus commissions from your teams.

Here’s how you get paid based on NuCerity’s compensation plan:

Preferred Customer Profits

  1. First Order Bonus
  2. Start Bonus
  3. Team Volume Commissions
  4. Team Commission Matching Bonus
  5. Mentor Bonus
  6. Bulk Order Bonus
  7. Additional Income Centers
  8. Diamond Rewards

NuCerity’s compensation plan is too downright boring. It is pretty much the same as any other MLM compensation plan.

Let’s continue to do a review of NuCerity by starting on the disadvantages.

1. Many people perceive NuCerity as a pyramid scheme in disguise. In most cases, achieving your income goals with network marketing is not about selling products to people, it’s about building a team who also builds a team and a team and a team!

2. There’s pretty much no difference in NuCErity compared to other MLMs out there.

NuCerity is certainly no different, their main focus is definitely recruiting.

Basically, they encourage you to recruit 2 people, help them get started and then help them recruit their own 2 people and that’s how it goes on.

Although NuCerity doesn’t pay you based on the number of people you recruit (because if that’s the case then that’s obviously a pyramid scheme), they give several bonuses which serve as incentives for you to recruit more people and establish your teams.

Join Us

Here’s the hard truth. It’s not easy to get rich by simply selling retail products in any MLM business. It’s close to little or none at all.

Because a big chunk of the bonuses and commissions that are paid are based on the team you established.

But, just like many other MLM companies, NuCerity has its own pretty solid product line so yup, it’s definitely not a pyramid scheme.

If truth be told, some say Nucerity is just using their skincare products as a way to avoid being recognized as a pyramid scheme. Once again, this is not to say that NuCerity is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

NuCerity is a legit MLM business with recruiting as its main focus. If you dislike recruiting your friends and family or if you’re simply bad at it, then it’ll be a really difficult and arduous path for you — should you decide to join NuCerity to make money.

3. Another thing is that NuCerity is just a typical MLM company relying on the traditional way of recruiting.

It’s not a bad thing… It’s just that the traditional method of recruiting is getting outdated and unsuccessful.

If you join NuCerity, they’ll surely ask you to come up with a list of people to talk to, who are mostly your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, old classmates, etc.

You need to get in touch with them and try to push the products to them. Either sell the products or share the business opportunity or talk about both.

In the end, you’ll run out of prospects to talk to because it’s not easy to have a sustainable way to consistently give rise to new contacts.

4. Even if the upfront cost of joining NuCerity is not very expensive, the total cost of running this business is actually pretty expensive. The costs were already mentioned earlier on but let’s take another quick look at the costs once more:

$59/year startup & recurring fees

Product packages from $450 to $800

Monthly auto-ship around $120/month

If you put them all up together, it simply means you are required to invest around $2K in your first year! That’s quite a burden for most people.

Now, what are the advantages of NuCerity’s business opportunity?

Don’t despair, it has its upsides as well. Let’s dig in.

  1. If you look at their website, NuCerity’s products are actually patented & clinically-tested like Skincerity, which has been tested and approved by no less than skincare experts or dermatologists. The further certification was done as it has also been clinically tested at the University of Texas Health Science Center. To top all of that, they also use a patented Breathable Barrier® technology in their products. One great thing about it is that these things sound quite encouraging and promising. But if you have been reviewing other MLM companies, you will realize that a good deal of MLM companies has their own patents and studies to show. Unfortunately, you don’t really get to ascertain if their research is legit or not for the reason that there’s always a chance for their research to be biassed and one-sided. These are just facts and the possibilities.
  2. Another good thing about NuCerity is the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This is self-explanatory. You can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t like the product or if you wish not to continue with the business. This shows sincerity and honestly.

Certified Product Quality

So, back to the question — Is NuCerity a scam, or is it a pyramid scheme?

No sir, NuCerity is definitely not a scam. Nor is it a pyramid scheme. They are a legitimate MLM company with promising products to push and offer. If you got the right skills and you work hard enough— break a sweat and with a lot of elbow grease to boot, then it’s possible for you to make a living or get richer from their compensation plan. That’s a lot of things to consider and think about.

100% Legit

However, the sad truth is that most people as the stats show— that over 95% of those who join actually fail in MLM. And it doesn’t matter which company they join.

The secret to succeeding with MLM is definitely not rocket science — it just requires a whole lot of work and that is — to be good at recruiting and build a really huge and strong downline team.

This is the same for almost all MLM companies including NuCerity.

Is it possible? You bet it is. Is it easy? Heck, no! So think many times before you consider joining any MLM company for the money!

Good Reviews On Nucerity

Now, let’s take a look at what customers say about NuCerity in the following reviews. This is not taken verbatim. If you check it out, NuCerity has a lot of good reviews found online. If there’s one thing you can be sure of — NuCerity has quite a number of good reviews.


Here’s one from a very happy and satisfied customer. She raves about how the NuCerity products were recommended to her by a friend.

It was timely she was breaking out with those tiny annoying pimples and pesky blackheads. She was amazed at how the products made her skin soft in just a few days of use. And in about two weeks, her skin was so much smoother.

No more bumps and nasty blackheads. She raves about how the products give you an instant makeover the next day. However, she pointed out a disadvantage — the products get stuck in the hairline and it takes a good deal of effort to rid of it.

But it’s all good — the satisfied customer gave NuCerity a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Speaking of 5 out of 5s, here are other raving reviews from some of the customers :

She mentioned that she bought this product for her hormonal acne. She suffered a great deal on this for the past 15 years of her life — it’s an on again and off again vicious cycle.

After trying almost everything out there in the market, the breakouts continued to happen which lasted for almost two months on end.

Yet she relentlessly pursued to find a cure and was fortunate enough to find the “the light at the end of the tunnel”, as she called it. She was amazed at how her skin dramatically cleared up.

That plus more perks — her pimple marks are fading and so are her freckles. She strongly recommends this product to anyone looking for an ace solution.

Well, there are bad reviews as well. Giving NuCerity a dismal one out of five.

She mentioned that she was still on the fence about it as she finds it very very hard to take it off in the morning. She did say that an oil cleanser will roll right off.

She also claims that after using it for over a month, she didn’t find any huge difference on her skin. And if the next bottle still wouldn’t work for her, she’d stop using it altogether.

She also mentioned that the peeled look is messy and getting up with that face has scared her family more than once. And she claims that the price is not worth it because she has not seen good and better results.