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Omnilife Review: Is Omnilife a Legitimate MLM Company?

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Even if you don’t know what the word MLM stands for, odds are you’ve come across it in the past. Perhaps someone close to you keeps asking you to join their Facebook beauty products club, or an acquaintance keeps sharing about their latest fitness product on Instagram. MLMs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re everywhere.

This latest Omnilife review will focus on an MLM company named Omnilife. Hopefully, after you read this review, you will be better equipped in deciding whether to join them.

What is Omnilife?

OMNILIFE People Taking Care of People

Omnilife is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Mexico and established in 1991 by Jorge Vergara. It sells 4 distinct categories of health products in North America, Central America, and South America.

Jorge is well-known for his “rags to riches” life story. Before founding his MLM empire, he sold tacos on the street before he was invited to become a distributor for Herbalife, another well-known MLM company. He launched his own brand named “Omnilife” after his venture with the Herbalife group ended.

Omnilife now employs over 3,500 people and has over 6 million distributors in over 20 countries. This is proof that Omnilife is a major brand.

Quick Review: Who Owns Omnilife?

Company Name: Grupo Omnilife

Industry: Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Jorge Vergara

Date Founded: 1991

Headquarters: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

BBB Rank & Accreditation: None


Omnilife History: Who is Jorge Vergara?

Jorge Vergara

“Great stories start with a dream, some are gold, some are pink; mine is called OMNILIFE, it’s purple and it’s waiting to accompany yours. Just be constant, share results, and the rest will come. Conquer your fears, turn on your burning desire and become unstoppable.” – Jorge

The story behind the founding of Omnilife is remarkable. Jorge always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and worked as a street vendor when he was a young boy.

As Jorge rose to prominence, he started selling real estate in Mexico where he met John Peterson, an American. When John joined Herbalife, he quickly enlisted the help of his friend Jorge. Since Herbalife was not allowed to operate in Mexico in the early 1980s, the two started smuggling Herbalife products into the country.

Herbalife took advantage of the positive feedback and, in collaboration with Jorge, approached the Mexican government to request authority to open in the country. Through this entire experience, Jorge learned how to run an MLM company.

Jorge eventually left Herbalife and founded Omnitrition in Mexico in 1991. Jorge partnered with Charlie Ragus, Roger Daley, and Jim Fobair in this venture.

Jorge subsequently bought out the other investors, and the name was changed to Omnilife in 2000. Jorge used a multi-level business model comparable to Herbalife.

Omnilife is now one of Mexico’s top 200 companies. They have almost a million distributors with $406 million in annual sales. On the DSN Global 100 List for 2016, they were ranked 45.

How effective are Omnilife Products?

Similar to other multi-level marketing companies, you can only buy Omnilife products from their distributors. Its product line is divided into four categories of highly nutritious products.


The hydration products from Omnilife come in the form of bottled drinks. You can choose from various flavors and they are all pre-mixed.

Aloe Piña


You have the freedom to customize the product lines under this category. Depending on your preferred diet plan, there will be an Omnilife product to suit your needs.


Light Nutrition

These products are not heavy on your stomach, and will definitely support your weight loss program.

OML Shake

Energy and Sports

For busybodies, they will love this product category where they can feast on Omnilife products that will sustain their active lifestyle.


They also carry facial care and cosmetic line, under the brand, Seytu. Choose the best package for your radiant and glowing skin!

Seytu Products

Product Reviews: Customer Feedbacks

Feedback on Magnus Supreme, posted on Amazon by a customer from the United States:

“I buy this from my neighbor for my husband. He works 10 hour days. It doesn’t give him a crash and I like the fact it’s not full of sugar. It comes out to be a little over $1 per 8 oz drink. Compared to other energy drink that’s a good price. I am taking away 1 star because I hate the way it taste and smells. I also don’t like the way other energy drinks taste so it might just be me. I make one of these every day. I think the package itself the powder comes in could be better made. Sometimes a little of the power falls out. Also it’s hard to get the powder from the packet into a water bottle. Just little things like that you notice when it’s not AA huge name brand. My husband said it helps him and I love that it’s natural. Would give it 5 stars but I just can’t get past the smell. ENJOY. . .”

Here’s a negative feedback from a buyer of Seytu facial cleansing foam, posted on Amazon:

“If there was a way to put negative stars I’d do negative 5 stars it honestly doesn’t do anything it smells like apples which is great but it really doesn’t clear up the skin.”

An Amazon buyer of Aloe Pina bottle gave this feedback:

“I’ve been using this brand of Aloe and Pineapple for years, it tastes good, not too strong or bitter like some others.”

Is Omnilife FDA Approved?

With more than a hundred products to choose from, Omnilife offers a wide variety of product lines to feast on. The brand offers nutritional products, weight loss, herbal supplements, hydration products, and even cosmetics. Who would still think that Omnilife a scam with such an extensive range of products?

Although this network marketing firm has not acquired approval from the FDA on any of its food supplement products, they actually meet the food requirements and standards of the certifying agency.

The justification for not being FDA approved is that the Food and Drug Administration does not actually issue certifications for food supplements.

However, it is equally important to note that despite not having the FDA approval stamp on their products, the Mexican government has awarded Omnilife a certification in the Clean Industry in April of 2008. This recognition is one of the top honors from the Mexican government, and it merits this MLM brand the image of an entity that follows the policies and regulations of the government, in terms of environmental concerns.

Not FDA Approved, but GlobalSTD Certified

This MLM company boasts of various certifications from another global certifying agency.

We are Excellence

Omnilife claims ” We are excellence.” You can see from their website the marks of excellence they have been certified of.

The brand has earned four GlobalSTD certifications as listed below:

  1. ISO 9001 System Certified: for quality
  2. FSSC 22000 System Certified: for safety
  3. ISO 45001 System Certified: for occupational health and safety
  4. ISO 14001 System Certified: for environmental protection

GlobalSTD is a team of experts, who are recognized internationally, on training and certification.

They offer outstanding services of certification audits, evaluation of compliance and supplier audits on unique requirements by globally authorized programs.

Omnilife Review:  Is Omnilife a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

Omnilife is a multilevel marketing company.

This means you can become a distributor for the company and sell their products to earn money, incentives, and discounts.

You’ll need to recruit new people into your team to help you do the same. You can make money from the sales of these recruits on top of your own sales.

Omnilife Scam Review:  Is Omnilife a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

People who aren’t familiar with MLMs generally think of them as pyramid schemes. Omnilife may not be the best MLM out there, but it certainly is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

In my past reviews of other MLM companies, I have explained that the distinction between a pyramid scheme and an MLM program is that in the former, no actual product is being sold, and commissions are dependent solely on the number of new people recruited, not products.

Based on this, Omnilife is clearly not a pyramid scheme. Reviews prove that it has a heavy focus on its products and strengthening its customer base.

Omnilife Review:  Omnilife Compensation Plan

Omnilife Compensation Plan

Your commission is determined by how many products you sell in a given month. It starts at 20% and can go up to 50%.

Based on your personal points (PP), you will get a particular commission:

  • 20% commission = 0-999 PP
  • 25% commission = 1000-1999 PP
  • 30% commission = 2000-2999 PP
  • 35% commission = 3000-3499 PP
  • 40% commission = 3500-3999 PP
  • 50% commission = 4000 and above PP

You’ll also receive a fast start bonus on 10% of your recruits’ purchases made within the first 90 days of joining Omnilife.

Depending on your rank, you can even get a bonus on commission on your downline (your recruit).

Distributors at the Bronze Premiere stage, for example, receive 5% commission from their first-generation recruits.

Bronze Supreme members will receive 9% on their first-generation recruits and 5% on their second-generation recruits.

This will go on to succeeding levels. For example, Silver Supreme members earn 10% on level 1, 8% on level 2, and 4% on level 3.

General Terms

To get a more thorough picture of their compensation plan, you can take a look at it by downloading it at this link.

Omnilife Review: Let’s look at the Pros and Cons

Good Points:

  • This network marketing firm is already a well-established MLM brand. It started in 1991, doubts on Omnilife a scam may already be removed with their long and strong existence.
  • Considered a legitimate and strong MLM company. Omnilife has surpassed other MLM companies for being able to sell billions every year.
  • Global certifications are definitely a plus-point
  • Product lines are essentials. Someone will always need any of their brands, to look and feel young and healthy.

Bad Points

  • Reviews claim that most of the top-selling products of Omnilife have side effects. Their famous weight loss supplements have high caffeine content, which can result in irritations, jitters, and can even trigger withdrawal headaches.
  • Customers still prefer FDA approved products and will not find this stamp on Omnilife brands
  • Products are too pricey, and distributors will need to sell harder to earn the great passive income
  • Reviews also claim that Omnilife drinks are too simple, people can just opt to buy similar sports drinks from any convenience shop, at a lesser price, but with the same ingredients.
  • Some testimonials reveal that the company charges a significant business incorporation fee to its employees with a promise of big profits. Unfortunately, it never happened.

How To Join Omnilife As A Distributor?

Kit Omnilife

You must purchase a distributor kit to be a Distributor of Omnilife.

This is something that a lot of MLM companies do. Fortunately, the Omnilife package is inexpensive, costing just $39.

Supplements, promotional DVDs to help you understand the company, a training manual, and a backpack to hold all of these items in are all included in the kit.

Per month, you will need to spend at least 300 PP (personal points) on products. This is fine, especially if you are a user and a believer of their products. You can always consume the products that you need at a discount, in case you don’t make money in this endeavor.


Accept The Challenge

With more than 6 million distributors in 19 countries, the brand seems to be standing tall, amidst the other flourishing MLM companies around the world.

Omnilife takes pride in its 30 long years of existence, selling a growing range of nutritional products, energy drinks, personal care, and cosmetic products.

This brand has been listed as top 45 in the DSN Global 100 in 2016 but is no longer included in the top 50 companies in 2020. This could be a red flag of its diminishing popularity and stability.

Would we recommend you join this community? With some red flags, an unimpressive compensation plan, and negative feedbacks on their supplements, we suggest you take your time to give it plenty of thought before signing up.