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Origami Owl Review: Should You Join This Living Lockets MLM?

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Origami Owl Easter Limited Edition Collection

Women are going crazy over these stylish pieces of jewelry where they can unleash their creative juices. Ladies can mix and match some bling to come up with a new pair of jewelry.

You may have heard about Origami Owl jewelry so you are browsing for some reviews. Or maybe you are one of those who fell in love with their lockets and you wanted to know more about the company and its business side.

Well, you came to the right page as we have nice stuff to present to you.

Is This Jewelry Company A Scam?

Before anything else, we would like to address this question that is most likely lingering in your mind now. Amidst the popularity and too good to be true reviews, you can’t help but wonder if there is an inch of a possibility that this jewelry company is a scam.

Your apprehensions are valid. Isn’t it normal to feel or think that way? It seems like too many network marketing scams are flooding the internet. For your peace of mind regarding this jewelry company that they are raving about, we will help you find answers as we present pertinent details about this company.

So far, Origami Owl has no signs of being a scam, even after 10 years of existence. The company poses to be a legit company, with customizable pieces of jewelry as their main products.

Review: Origami Owl – A Pyramid Scheme?

So, if Origami Owl is not a scam, the next question would be, is it a pyramidic scheme then?

You probably have seen tons of reviews discussing which jewelry network marketing company is legit or you may have seen some materials leading you to doubt if Origami Owl is a pyramidic scheme.

Sure, people are being more careful now with the kind of business that they might venture in, and which products will most likely sell, especially during this global desperate time.

However, we cannot discount the fact that people may greatly benefit from the generous commissions this jewelry brand is giving out to each performing affiliate. Potential income from selling Origami Owl jewelry is definitely huge when an affiliate sells a lot of its jewelry products.

With such generous jewelry commissions, is Origami Owl hiding in a pyramid scheme’s clothing?

Let’s dig deeper!

What is Origami Owl?

What A Delite New Arrivals

Registered under the name of Origami Owl Llc, the company sells customizable pieces of jewelry.

Origami Owl started in 2010 and introduced a unique lineup of jewelry products. The entity offered inventive things to help people unleash the creativity of their own.

Origami Owl sells jewelry products like charms, lockets, and necklaces. They also have a bangle bracelet, watches, rings, earrings, and a whole lot more. Their flagship product is the locket.

Origami Owl is labeled to be a direct sales company, but since it also makes use of a business model with a compensation plan and rewards for growing a team, hence it is also considered an MLM entity.

The headquarters is at 450 N 54th St, Chandler, AZ 85226-2528. The entity employs more than 300 staff and has more than 60,000 independent affiliates across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Origami Owl is reportedly growing with revenue that has passed the mark of 250 million.

BBB rating for Origami Owl

Origami Owl earned an impressive A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. This is the highest rating a company can receive from BBB.

Who are the people behind Origami Owl?

People behind Origami Owl

Origami Owl is a result of a teenager’s dream to have her own car by the age of 16. A young lady named Bella Weems was 14 years old when this jewelry company idea came to fruition. She started making jewelry pieces and sold them to friends in small gatherings.

Bellas’s jewelry products became a big hit so her mother, Christian “Chrissy” Weem, helped her establish the business.

The mother and daughter tandem was backed up by two family friends namely, Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha, and started the business journey of Origami Owl Llc.

Who Is Bella Weems?

Isabella “Bella” Weems had an ambitious dream to have her own car by the time she reached 16 years old. As early as age 14, she asked her parents to fulfill her dream. However, her parents wanted to teach her to work hard to achieve her dream, so they turned her down.

Bella, determined to have her own car, came up with a business to sell lockets. She started by utilizing her savings of $350 and bought materials to create some pieces of lockets with charms.

She first tried to sell a locket to her friend, then to some other friends and relatives. Her creations became a hit, she was then being invited to sell in parties and bazaars.

With the support of her parents and family friends, Bella grew her small business into this 10-year old business called Origami Owl.

Up Close Look On Designer Pieces Called Origami Owl Jewelry

Contrary to the usual accessory stores where you will just pick a completed jewelry piece, Origami Owl designed things where people can express themselves, or put meaning into the components to create a complete piece.

Origami Owl came out strongly inventive with its living lockets lineup. Such a delightful product idea for customers to enjoy re-designing their own piece of accessory.

Customers can just pick a transparent glass locket design and the trinkets or charms to put inside the locket. They can use their own necklace or buy from the various chains of Origami Owl as well.

Living Lockets

Choose from a wide variety of lockets, depending on your taste or need. Origami Owl jewelry lockets come in all kinds of designs like mickey mouse, square, heart, rectangle, padlock, or the most common round locket.


Origami Owl jewelry boasts its long list of charms to choose from. Each charm represents the personality of the wearer or a particular mood of a person. It could also be a symbol of one’s hobby or favorite item.

The brand also has a charm in different kinds of semi-precious stones and birthstones.

Each item that the customer puts in her locket will tell a story, and this makes the product more exciting. The more charms, the more stories to flaunt.

Origami Owl products are good conversation pieces as well.



Be sparkly with this variety of bracelets from Origami Owl jewelry. Or if you want to get the more versatile one, grab one of their locket wrap bracelets.

Locket Wrap Bracelets

Collection Themes

Collection Themes

Origami Owl collection includes a Harry Potter theme. How cool is that?

If you have a friend who loves Harry Potter, then you can choose some really nice products from this theme. This business offers charms like a miniature Harry, his signature specs, and necktie.

There are interesting plates to choose from too. Take a pick from the four houses in Harry Potter, such as Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

How About Prices?

The products are very affordable. You can buy a charm at $5.00 each. Their flagship product, lockets, range from $12.00 to $36.00.

Individually, they don’t appear too expensive, but when you add in the costs of all the charms you will buy to put in the locket, the sum would show a significant price.

Note that selecting a charm could turn out very addicting too. You may find yourself buying more pieces as the design gets more interesting and appealing to you.

Origami Owl Donates to Charities

Origami Owl posted this report on their website. It boasts of its donations to more than a hundred charities. It also flaunts that it has donated more than $5.5 million! This has made a great impact on designers as well. This was made possible through the continuous sales of its products.

Review: Compensation Plan

How much is the starter kit?

To join this prestigious brand, you are offered three options for a starter kit. You may opt to just spend as little as $49 for their On-The-Go kit, or buy the $99 Basic Kit. Another option is to get the Business Builder Kit at $199.

Depending on your business goals, you can decide which Origami Owl business kit to purchase for your initial investment.

Once you have purchased a kit, this locket business will label you as a designer. Instead of the usual titles of multi-level marketing firms like affiliate or distributor, this brand uniquely calls its members a designer.

Can you make money selling Origami Owl?

You can definitely make some good money selling Origami Owl jewelry products.

This locket business gives commissions through the personal sales of each designer. Commissions may range from 30% to 50%.

Just like any multi-level marketing firm, this locket business rewards its designers through the sales of its recruits. The bonus depends on the ranking of the affiliate. As the member reaches a higher level ranking, the more commissions you can be entitled to.

This locket business encourages its designers to grow and help their team to generate more sales. The more they share the business opportunity with their friends, the more they can enjoy the compensation plan designed by this brand. Bonuses are also based not just on personal sales, but also on group sales.

Jewelry Bar hosting

This brand is also known for promoting its jewelry through a jewelry bar. You may wonder what a jewelry bar is?

A jewelry bar is a venue to promote the products of Origami Owl. It is where a designer can invite friends, colleagues, and relatives over to discuss their unique experiences with pieces of jewelry.

The hostess of the jewelry bar is entitled to a hostess rewards program. In a nutshell, the program promises more discounts and freebies.

Our Recommendation

Before you finally say, “Yes, I’m in!” to this business opportunity, we highly recommend that you go check out the products for yourself first.

Try buying some pieces and have a feel of how fun mix and matching the charms with specialty lockets or wrap bracelets can be. If you find yourself addicted to it, then I’d say that is a good signal to try this multi-level marketing business. Now you’ll find yourself also wanting to share the experience with other people, which could lead you to build your own network. Happy designing!