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Powur Reviews: A New Scam or Legit MLM?

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Solar power. Sustainable energy. Green energy. 

These are the buzzwords today. The world is constantly changing as we know it and along with the changes comes the need for a transition in energy.

Powur Solar Energy - San Antonio, TX

It comes as no surprise that businesses are taking a hand in this so-called green energy industry. Experts believe that in 15 years, solar and wind energy will service 20% of the power requirements in the world. That’s right. That means oil and gas are about to be dethroned.

Powur Solar Panel

It is a little wonder that multi-level marketing businesses or MLM companies have set their foot in to take advantage of this switch from gas to green energy — particularly solar power.

The big question among investors is, aside from changing the world, can renewable energy generate money too?

Well, the energy transformation is in progress. Here comes Powur!

What is Powur? 

Powur is a network marketing company that provides solar panel commodities and products. Powur is now one of the most sought-after clean and solar energy Multi-Level Marketing companies or MLMs in the market.

For a Multi-level Marketing company, Powur is in a pretty strong and robust market. Clean energy, solar or renewable energy is not going to lose their fame and popularity just yet. Powur has also collaborated and has been working with elite solar panel companies  — this gives them not just reputation but strong credibility.

The mission of this company is to “accelerate the adoption of clean energy worldwide.” Powur seeks to empower the community of advisors and homeowners to be successful and thriving in the world’s switch to clean, renewable and sustainable energy.

BBB gave a 4.5 rating to Powur? 

The Better Business Bureau or BBB rating stands for the opinion of BBB on how a certain business interacts with its consumers or customers. The rating is based on the information received from the business, which includes complaints from the public. It gets information from public data sources or straight from the business itself.

Powur, PBC has been rated by the BBB with a score of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. So far, in the last three years, Powur has only received five complaints, and most if not all have been resolved.

So far, no lawsuits have been filed against Powur.

Powur has been servicing customers of solar energy product services since 2014. It had a revenue of $1.4 million USD in 2016. As of 2020, Powur’s revenue is at $4 million USD.

Perhaps the next question for you is this……..

Is Powur a good MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company? 

Hop on in and let’s take a peek.

Powur Solar Panel 2

First off, what is Powur selling? Powur offers solar panels. Its chief aim is to help the shift from dirty to clean energy. Interestingly enough, Powur does not offer or sell its own products or commodities. They are affiliated or associated with other solar providers. There are 39 solar providers all in all which serve a total of 28 states.

SolarCity Review: Will Elon Musk Guarantee Success?

Solar City claims to be one of the clean energy powerhouses and affiliates of Powur.

What makes this network marketing company a cut above the rest of the other network marketing companies out there? Two words. Elon Musk.

SolarCity is the clean energy powerhouse of no less than the popular business magnate and industrial designer and engineer, Elon Musk. Perhaps that in itself speaks strength. And SolarCity is an affiliate of Powur.

The distributors of Powur push the products in the market while their affiliate companies carry out the installation services.

Powur’s most popular products

Powur only has one product — solar panels. And what makes their solar panels matchless is this — anyone who wants them can have it installed without any upfront costs. That’s right, anyone who wants to have access to it can have it set in place with zero down.

Now, how much does it take to join Powur?

how much does it take to join Powur

As we all know, Powur is an MLM brand, and joining Powur as a distributor or affiliate will entail a price. Let’s start off with the lowest level to join — as an Advocate. For this, you need to shell out $99 USD for activation. People who reach the Consultant level can take home earnings as much as $2,000 USD for every personal installation.

The next level that you can step up to is as an Advisor. This will cost you $299 USD for activation. Here, you can get overrides from your team’s installations as well as passive income.

The highest level people can enter is AdvisorPRO. The cost is the same as Advisor but you are required to pay $29 USD every month. This will give you the means to an elite marketing team, a lead-generation system, and of course, your very own media site and landing pages — all cut out for you.

Closer Look at Powur Review

Its web page begins with a news ticker that says they’ve seized and appropriated more than 54 million pounds of CO2. And they are still counting. As mentioned earlier, their main undertaking is to speed up the advocacy of clean and sustainable energy worldwide and aid people to conserve money and obtain energy independence.

Here is the full statement verbatim:

“The greatest transfer of wealth in history is happening right now as society trades dirty energy for a sustainable future. Powur gives you the chance to be part of the solution and create the life of your dreams.”

If Powur could pull it off, you would agree that that is a very insightful and innovative vision.

Who is the Founder of Powur?

Founder of Powur

Powur company operates in California, the land of the flower children, the hippies who espouse clean energy among other things.

They got some pretty big-time affiliates and partners with funding solar projects valued at billions of dollars. Some of the big wigs in the industry including Honda, Citibank, U.S. Bank, Google, Goldman-Sachs — just some of the A-listers in Forbes.

Powur began as a network marketing entity spearheaded by the networking genius, Jonathan Budd. He is the epitome of young, powerful, and rich.

The founder started in the network marketing business at the young age of 21. After just about three years of learning the ropes around the industry, he started a multi-million dollar company.

Jonathan Budd has one of the largest followings in the direct sales and MLM industry. He has over 90,000 fans on Facebook. He established his first MLM and in 78 days, he garnered over 1,000,000 reps!

He certainly knows how to begin a company and get affluent, no doubt about that. But what about his followers?

Review: A Closer Examination at the previous companies of Jonathan Budd


Before delving into the question in the previous paragraph, let’s take a closer analysis of this MLM guru’s previous companies.

Jonathan created Rippln some years ago. Unfortunately, the company totally smashed after lasting only just a couple of years. It wasn’t able to boost capital from investors. It also received a lot of flak and was attacked by a trademark lawsuit. Perhaps owing to the fact that the people saw some kind of a pyramid scheme on its business model.

If you check out his web page, Jonathan says he does not allow impediments and hindrances to drag him down. So within a few months after its closure, a new entity emerged. It has his name joined to it. The company is called MyStand and they say it very straightforwardly could have been version 2.0 of Rippln.

But who would have known if it were true or not? No one has ever heard much about MyStand company right after its opening launch proclamation way back seven years ago. Would you call that a good track record? Anyone deserves a fresh start, perhaps? And perhaps, as they say, the third time is a charm.

What is really the product of Powur? 

Powur is an MLM solar energy company. However, saying that solar panels are their main product is somewhat equivocal.

To put it clearly, Powur has affiliated and partnered with 39 solar panel manufacturers and installers — this includes Elon Musk’s SolarCity, which by the way, is the prime global publicly traded leader in solar technology.  Along with that are National Sun Energy, Alba Energy, Velocity Solar, ZeroCost Solar plus more.

Therefore, technically Powur does not have a product of their own. What they actually do is lead and navigate the generation and marketing for other solar panel companies.

The company’s affiliate 

Incidentally, as additional information, Powur at the beginning had just one partner, SolarCity. The problem with that is SolarCity isn’t up and running in all 50 states in the U.S. Furthermore, its installations nosedived in 2018 although it was deemed as the number one solar roof business prior to the 62% plunge a few years ago. With the company’s money and fiscals running almost in dire straits, the entity was forced to cut off 9% of its human resources. Its partnership and collaboration with Home Depot was also unexpectedly terminated.

Perhaps the plan was to partner and collaborate with other solar panel providers. By doing so, Powur has lessened its own liability or incrimination. Look at it this way, if one partner company tanks out or runs in the red, Powur still got others up to their sleeves — those which are going strong and robust. This will expand their ability to supply precisely the type of solar panels their buyers need and want. You got to agree that that was a pretty smart business decision.

Compensation Plan Review: Is it a pyramid scheme disguise?

As Powur’s distributor, you don’t get to sell or push one thing. Your buyers will never hand you a single cent as payment. That is what we call leading generation network marketing.

All you need to do is recruit someone, your friend at least, sign him up for a proposal from any of Powur’s partners. The whole sales process is being handled by SolarCity. And then you get paid for those appointments and installations. Therefore your leads must be ready for a sale or at the very least interested or intrigued in talking business about acquiring the solar panels.

Needless to say, this entails a whole lot of grunt work and footwork out of networking or multi-level marketing. It looks like this — you don’t have a product, you don’t have an auto-ship, negative closing sales, and negative processing payments. It’s a tough job.

Powur congratulates itself for not having a registration fee or membership fee to participate as a “Powur Advocate.” Without a doubt, making the slightest bit of real money in this line of work, you need to upgrade. Obviously, you need a whole lot of training in this type of industry.

For the amount of $199 USD, the entity offers extra added training and golden opportunities to acquire a “Solar Certification.”

Rumor on Compensation Price Tag? 

But for all that, there is a lot of prattle circulating that in actuality, it costs a whopping $500 USD to join and obtain access to a full and complete compensation plan. Whoa, that is definitely a huge price tag, more exorbitant than other network marketing companies.

More so, reviews emphasize that this business doesn’t have products of its own to profit from. Perhaps they need to place reliance on membership fees from its distributors in order to generate more money. By all means, if this is true, it is surely not a quite long-term and sustainable plan to join Powur.

Is this network marketing company shady? 

Let’s put it this way. Perhaps it looks a little shady as the company’s web page does not say how much your exact costs to join Powur would be. And the compensation plan was also not mentioned on the Powur website.

How to receive commissions?

Simply put for the income potential, you need three qualified leads to be eligible or entitled to receive a commission. This will give $75 USD as a single payment. Following that, when your own recruited members bring in three other qualified leads, you get to receive another $75USD as payment.

One good thing about this is the entity pays out a 20-year residual or extra for your buyers for as long as you are active. This is not a bad thing. Extras and residuals are being paid out through a uni-level plan. For every three entitled or qualified leads, you receive $100 USD. Pass-ups are also consolidated in it.

If your lead signs a contract, you get $250 USD — the first half of that is paid upon the signing of the contract. The next half is paid upon installation. You will also receive differential as well as rank bonuses.

Powur Review in a Nutshell

In the face of this some kind of a dubious past, this MLM entity is able to partner with several solid, strong companies and is even offering a fairly decent and proper compensation plan. They also severed and took off a great deal of flummery in many MLMs or multi-level marketing companies, varying from home parties to auto-ship.

However, they put back some of that clatter by letting people sign up for a solar panel proposal and with the hope of signing a contract with the options to purchase and buy.

Notwithstanding the fact that you are not closing sales, you will definitely be needing some very good and impressive sales skills for that. How would you convince someone, or your friends and family to skip some quality time with you to instead listen to a sales pitch about energy from the sun?

Another thing you need to take into account is — depending on your family and friends network, which is not really a good idea. You will surely and quickly run out of customers. You need to consider where you will go once your warm market runs out.

Some reps or distributors have recourse to door-to-door sales. Most folks can’t do that — most especially now in this time of the pandemic. Aside from the fact that that custom is totally unwanted in the States.

If you have been involved with MLM, you probably know what to look for when you consider getting a golden chance of going into business.

To conclude, Powur is definitely not a bad entity, but think hard and consider if there are other better ways to make an income.