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Q Sciences Reviews: Products, Compensation Plan, Red Flags

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What is Q Sciences?

Q Sciences is a collection of wellness vitamins and supplements which contain minerals and vitamins that support mood, energy, focus, as well as weight management, and healthy digestion. Q Sciences says that their products are “clinically researched” and that these micronutrients are good for the brain and the body. Q Sciences also assert that these supplements can result in a happier well-being.

The question is if it is really effective? Aside from its efficacy, the other question is – what about its side effects?

Are Q Science supplements effective? 

Before you dig in, let’s talk about what the brand of Q Science is all about. It is a line of health and wellness supplement products. These supplements declare that it abets the focus, mood, energy, including the digestive health and weight management of an individual. The ingredients in Q Sciences comprise fiber, natural extracts and vitamins, and minerals.

Q Sciences was established in the health and wellness market around seven years ago. In 2014, the official web page markets the following supplements: Q Biotics, Q Max, and Q Vitalize. Q Sciences have placed primary significance on the word “wellness” and how they employ “natural ingredients.”

Q Sciences also include a line of weight-loss products — Q Trim. Its constitutions comprise green tea extract, white kidney bean extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. Now if these ingredients show proof that they can aid in weight loss is a question people often ask.

Q Sciences Ingredients and efficacy 

Decades-long researches talk about the health benefits of green tea and how it has increased weight loss as well as speeding up metabolism. But some studies show that green tea does not really streamline weight loss.

The Garcinia Cambogia is an active ingredient in most weight loss products. However, studies show that it can produce mental health side effects in some instances. The white kidney bean initially talked about how it can actually help in weight loss but recent studies show it does not work as it purports to be.

Concerns about side effects are valid. So, this question should not be set aside.

Q Sciences Side Effects

This matter is a valid concern. Therefore, it should be the first issue that needs to be tackled. There’s an isolated chance that some supplements can cause adverse and unfavorable reactions. However, in the case of Q Sciences, only quite a few customers have said so.

Most of the customer reviews are positive. Such as one user mentioned that she and her daughter use EmPower Plus Q96 and it helps with concentration sans the “crash.”

Another said that so far he likes it and it somehow boosts her mood and her think sans the troublesome side effects.

Still, one user of the same products stated that he experienced mild headaches.

More testimonials on the Effectiveness of Q Sciences

One user says that he has already consumed half of the bottle and yet he has not felt any significant change — whether good or bad.

Another user reports that she found that Q Sciences weight loss pills have made her brain function better. One person made a comment and said, he noticed an energy boost.

Perhaps, there’s a link between ingredients not helping dieters and success in the long run. However, there are very isolated issues of not noticing positive changes after using Q Science supplements.

The Science behind Q Science

Q Sciences lays out research on their accredited web page. Q Science company keeps on elaborating the details through a discussion regarding the advantages and science that held up the ingredients. There is in fact, a science advisory board providing guidance. For example, according to some scientific journals, specifically Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, white bean extract can reduce body weight coupled with a regimented exercise and strict diet. Another research published in other scientific journals like the BioMed Research International showed that the catechins present in green tea may have anti-microbial properties.  This means it may help improve the healing processes.

Q Sciences Review: Who are the people behind it?

Daren Hogge, CEO of Q Sciences Inc.

Q Sciences was established in 2012 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, by Daren Hogge, an industry veteran. He has 30 years of history in direct sales under his belt. After his retirement, he founded Q Sciences.

He decided to work with Marc Wilson because he was blown away and impressed by the results of a product Wilson created up in Canada. The product was abetting stress in huge numbers, most especially among children. This product has been reported to be doing well in Canada for almost two decades.

After their discussion, Mark Wilson agreed to give Hogge exclusive rights to market the product through direct sales, and such was the birth of Q Sciences. The company easily excelled in its first year of growth projections through a vast margin.

In 2013, Q Science sales on health products were doubled in their second quarter. At the same time, their number of distributors has doubled as well.

Q Sciences persisted and continued to double their income every year on their first few years in business.

Are their products genuine scientific gains to earn money, or are they just one pill that gives a placebo effect?

Q Sciences has a four-to-one customer-to-salesforce ratio. This is actually a good business model. The sales of Q Sciences products are quite high and are not dependent on their recruitment practices. This is not very common in MLM companies.

Q Sciences Products

By standards in MLM companies, reviews show that the products of Q Sciences are definitely well-researched. They have over 20 researches backing up the formula of their leading product now. However, not all studies are acceptable. According to mental health practitioners, the studies done by Q Sciences are not controlled and done randomly. The studies are not conclusive in supporting their declarations that the supplements can improve mental health conditions. But good nutrition does play a huge part in mental health.

EMPowerplus Q96

The leading product of Q Science is EMPowerplus Q96, it is a micronutrient brain supplement that makes better mental health. Wilson originally created this product with his children in mind, both of whom were diagnosed with bipolar. He didn’t want them to take huge amounts of pharmaceutical drugs. Based on Wilson’s experience, those exact same medications hadn’t helped his wife and mother. His wife sadly committed suicide because of her bipolar disorder. So, he came up with an all-natural nutritional supplement that could make better the condition of his children.

The formula comprises 36 vitamins and minerals, and this has been backed by over $25 million USD in independent research in 25 published university studies.


QBiotics is their second-leading product. It came next and aided in bringing Q Sciences skyward. This is a patent-protected probiotic with controlled release. It also comes in a shape suitable and fitting for pet consumption. This is called QPets.

The other nutritional products of Q Science include the following :

Q Omegas, an essential omega-3 fatty acids supplement.

Q Amino Acids and Q Prime for the microvascular system

Multivitamins like Q B12; Q Biotics; Q Cleanse; Q Fiber; Q Focus; Q Max; Q Max Berries; Q Metabolic Boost

Q Prime; Q Sport; Q Vitalize for men and for women

Q Sprays, oral sprays that help fight illness, including Boost, C+, B12, D3, Relief, and Sleep

The company also has pills for Diet and Weight-loss which include Q Trim, which has set tools for everything in this category.

Some individual products comprise Q Sport, an energy drink; as well as eQuivalent Chocolate and Vanilla, which are food bars; Q Fiber; and the spray Q Boost.

The skincare product lines of Q Sciences include a mask, lift serum, cleanser, day and night cream, and also restore cream.

What is Q Sciences’ BBB rating? D+

Q Sciences has a 4.35 rating out of 5 stars. Several customers swore by its efficacy most especially the ones who used hemp oil dropper and how it has affected her mood balance.

Q Sciences Compensation Plan

Q Science gives its distributors or representatives various ways to take home an income and hopefully a substantial amount of money. Check how promising the compensation plan this company is offering.

The first way is through product sales. Q Sciences give commissions of around thirteen percent.

The second way is through a team bonus given by the company worth $50 USD per month. However, it comes with a clause — only “if” the distributor or the representative maintains three active distributors in his/her team.

Q Sciences company pays out money commissions of five to twenty percent on downline recruits to three levels. In addition, the compensation plan also includes various bonuses to distributors who are proficient and outstanding in the business. This isn’t exactly a bad MLM business practice.

Is Q Sciences a Scam?

The fast answer to that is a big No. Q Sciences is a legal business that sells and markets real products.

Q Sciences is a wellness MLM company that has a very robust mission — that is to bring happiness to as many people as possible.

Their leading product is a so-called miracle pill meant to deliver that mission. This product does not make you look younger and give you an excellent physique. But it claims to cure mental health issues. Some of the distributors of Q Science have made pretty wild non-viable and unrealistic promises. These unrealistic claims have caused some people to question whether Q Science is a scam or just a legit MLM.

Q Sciences is a direct selling or network marketing company that markets health and personal products including weight loss supplements to customers using Multi-Level Marketing or MLM strategy. Q Sciences company gives a broad diversity of products and commodities. Q Sciences also include nutritional supplements and vitamins for pets.

High Customer Retention and Global Expansion

To top it all, customer retention at Q Sciences is 65%! That number is almost unprecedented in direct sales.  Within a few years in business, Q Sciences began going international. They now sell their products in Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany as well as in Canada. Wilson intends to open up in over 20 other countries in the next five years, and over 50 countries within the next 10 years. Their first stop? Soon they’ll be expanding Central and South America, including Mexico.

Q Science Global Revenue 

Their global revenue was at $5 million USD, with only 50 employees. While the business is considered small, their customer retention rate and strong product sales are possibly enough to help their money and their company grows.

Q Science Bad Name

Unfortunately, bad press stunted its growth. A few years ago, Salt Lake City Weekly released a story about Q Sciences that put them in a bad light.

National Alliance on Mental Illness held an event in 2013. The Q Science distributors were present and purported that a Q Science product is considered an all-natural “miracle vitamin” that can heal all kinds of mental diseases — from schizophrenia to bipolar to ADHD, OCD, autism, and depression.

Illegal Claims by some Distributors 

Vitamins and supplements by any means cannot be legally marketed and sold as drugs that cure mental illness according to the FDA. Not only is this claim illegal but it’s also exceedingly threatening and dangerous. If mentally ill people dispense with their medication, it can cause them to slide down into crisis mode or even become suicidal.

However, this is in actuality against the policy of Q Sciences and the CEO himself spoke out against these sales tactics and business practice, this is common behavior for distributors in these kinds of wellness MLMs. This is one of the biggest factors why Q Sciences has gotten such a bad name.

What is the bottom line of Q Sciences? 

The big question is — does Q Science work? What are the benefits of products from Q Sciences? With regard to their weight loss products, there are some that include evidence-based ingredients, and some variety of address individual needs. There are some concerns about the minimal research, however, this doesn’t mean that the products aren’t effective. Some users did complain about short-term results and mild side effects.

With regard to their medicine for mental health treatment, the most powerful testimonial regarding Q Sciences comes from a woman named Ellois Bailey. She claims that her husband has stopped taking prescription medication which was purported to be merely just a natural food supplement.

Apparently, this so-called miracle product is a micronutrient formula called EMPower Plus Q96, designed to provide vitamins that, Bailey says, are lacking in the brains of those with mental illness.

What lawsuits have been filed?

In this Q Sciences review, we will also include lawsuits that the company has gotten involved with.

Six years ago, a woman named Nadia Tarazi took legal action against Q Sciences for a “breach of fiduciary duties and unfair and deceptive business practices.” The case was dismissed in part in 2017.

Also in the same year, Q Sciences filed a suit against Naturesmax for trademark infringement, then dismissed it the year later.