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Seacret Review 2021: 13 Facts To Consider Before You Buy!

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Review on Seacret: Is it really a scam?

Is Seacret A Pyramid Scheme?

Curiosity is rising about this company that sells skincare products from the Dead Sea. People have become curious about Seacret Spa. Allow us to give our two cents for this review.

Before you get pulled in with the hype, it’s good to take time to analyze and find out about this company called Seacret, with a tag line that boasts that their products are made of minerals from the Dead Sea.

Quite a number of folks, once they’ve been introduced to Seacret’s amazing offers get giddy and all gung ho to get up and going.

So, in this review, we’re gonna go over Seacret to decide if it really is the best MLM out there.

We’ll talk about whether Multi-Level Marketing is the right online business for you.

And most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off MLM for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

But, to answer the question, we can say that Seacret is not a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid Scheme

For a company to be labeled as a pyramid scheme, its business model will solely focus on earning by recruiting members instead of earning by selling their product or service.

The skincare merchandise of Seacret is gaining popularity now. Hence, we can clearly say customers are buying the product and can safely conclude that their business model is not a pyramid scheme. It is not one of those companies that just push their members to recruit people just to join their company. Their goal is to provide a good customer program that will help their members in getting continuous sales of their unique products made of minerals taken from the Dead Sea.

It’s not just about getting an agent to sign up, but this nature-empowered entity targets to get an agent who will join their business to share in their mission to promote the value of introducing their Dead Sea Seacret to the United States and then to the world.

Is Seacret An MLM From The United States?

The owner is committed to providing first-rate, pure and healthy ingredients for their products, as well as having strict quality standards in manufacturing their products.

The company started as a retail business selling products made of minerals unearthed from the Dead Sea for skincare and hair care. The company dramatically grew to more than 900 branches, with champion salespeople reaching out to people to see the beauty of their merchandise that is powered by the miracles of nature.

Then a decade after, the business was introduced to social marketing. The CEO, Izhak Ben Shabat, found that the social media platform can better assist the agent in doing his nature-empowered business. Social marketing paved the way for them to share the benefits of the minerals taken from the Dead Sea. The business continues to expand as customers talk about their experience with Seacret’s bestselling items. Informative materials about the company and its products were spread rapidly through social marketing. More reviews floated around on the internet and customers were lured to bring home their products as they see the results from people who have used the products of this Spa.

Most MLMs, on the other hand, do offer legit products. But, here’s the big “but” coming — the only way an agent can accurately make a substantial amount of money in this kind of business is by signing up and recruiting members into their downline. This will also help to keep agents from losing money monthly. This is the reason why this blooming entity is quite different from a pyramid scheme.

A review on the various ways to earn much income

In all honesty, a favorable outcome is few and far between in Seacret Direct or in any MLM entity for that matter. Roughly over 70 percent of MLM representatives or agents lose cash and money. That’s a hard fact. The truth is, most distributors only make less than $2,000 for one whole year.

And when you take into consideration the costs of joining and running this business, you will see that a large part of their members and representatives actually lose money. Let’s look into the Seacret Direct review.

This company generates a wide scope of health, personal care products, including hair care, to help people look and feel better. But in lieu of marketing and advertising site expenses, they get common folks to sell and push the items. This allows the distributors or the agents to get opportunities to gather as many earnings from the comforts of their homes.

It does sound good on paper. And theoretically, nobody loses.

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Is Seacret Legitimate?

Perhaps, you have been introduced or someone you know has been brought to Seacret Direct as a substantial way to care for your skin and — as the tag line says “Own your time” and “Be Your Own Boss”! But in all likelihood, you’re thinking…is Seacret Direct a pyramid scheme?

The fundamental cause that a big chunk of Multi-Level Marketing associates loses a chockfull of cash is because most people jump into network marketing impetuously and without thinking through it.

Check their website to know the Club Seacret - The Good Life

Seacret Review: What Are The Pros And Cons?

Let’s dig in and review the Seacret Direct analysis. This will reveal the accurate upsides and downsides of joining their community so that you can make a well-informed conclusion if this is right up your alley or whether this is for you or not.

Let’s take a look first at the pros and cons.

Check the Pros and Cons before buying the opportunity

Here Are Seacret Direct Pros:

It Has Raving Positive Product Reviews

The compensation plan gets five stars and if you are a business-minded type of person, then you will surely grab the opportunity.

You will definitely find some legitimately positive raving reviews on Seacret Direct online. When you see unprejudiced and impartial thoughts about products of an MLM company, that’s a good sign that there is a real demand for them. In this case, Seacret Direct merchandise actually does have, and it is working positively as one of its effective marketing techniques.

Buyers generously give five stars

Its History Has Been Proven, As Reflected On Its Website.

Only 1 out of three MLM companies actually survive and pull through in the past decade. There are other new network marketing organizations that sprout out of nowhere and naturally, its agents and distributors work extra hard only to have their money vanish in thin air when that business folds up. But not Seacret Direct. That’s why in this review that we want to share with you, you can tell that Seacret Direct is not a scam as it has been in the skincare market since 2001.

Here Are The Seacret Direct Cons:

  1. It’s ridiculously expensive.
  2. It has concealed expenses on a monthly basis.
  3. Only a very minimal number of people make a good deal of money.

Now, this is a hard fact about MLM entities offering merchandise with a fancy retail price — only the agents or the distributors become its best customers. Most of the customers who are not part of an MLM company find no reason buying ridiculously costly products. So, most of those who purchase Seacret Direct products are the distributors or the representatives themselves, who even sometimes buy just to give to their friends. There is actually no rank advancement in this set-up. These are the top two hidden truths.

Seacret Direct’s income disclosure actually shows the truth that only 1 out of 416 people actually earns more than $16,000 in a year. Now so much for the tag lines — “own your time” and “be your own boss”!

The Skinny On Seacret.

Now, here’s the skinny on Seacret Direct. It is an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company that sells a wide reach of costly personal hygiene as well as nutrition merchandise. A good number of people give raving reviews about their products that come from the dead sea minerals. However, to be perfectly truthful, only a few people actually earn money from Seacret Direct.

Is Seacret A Good Skin Care Product?

For this review, we’ll let you in on a secret (pun intended). The skin, yes, your skin is the largest organ in your body. It forms some kind of a safety barricade or barrier between the outside environment and our internal organs.

Did we also mention it’s one of the most important organs of the human body too?

Our outer covering is strong, powerful, a shield, and can actually heal itself. Therefore it is very important to take care of our skin. Having said that, skincare is big business. And that is why Seacret was created… to find nourishing skincare and beauty products both for men and women. Seacret is a US-based network marketing company, led by Izhak Ben Shabat, that puts up for sale cosmetics and personal care items made from mud, nutrients, and minerals unearthed from the Dead Sea.

There are other brands that claim to have minerals taken from the dead sea in their merchandise as well and claim to be the best regimen for your face. But the only way to find out is to try them out yourself. Or read reviews on several online places like Amazon. You will find out that there are positive raving reviews about Seacret’s products because there’s no doubt they are really good and promises a rejuvenating experience.

Which Seacret Direct Products are Good For You?

If you want to understand more about an MLM business, it’s crucial to really have a thorough understanding of the information of their products. Seacret Direct sells a wide range of products and are divided into three groups:


Mud soap


Recovery // Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Bath and body

Conditioning Body Wash Lily Rose

It is of utmost importance to be knowledgeable of the other brands that sell a pretty similar span of products in Seacret. In fact, there are hundreds of MLMs that sell a very similar product range. So what makes Seacret Direct a cut above the rest?

Here’s Seacret’s secret — “minerals from the dead sea.” Seacret’s vast reserve of skincare products gives a different twist to just skincare. You may want to check their website for more details.

People go to great lengths to get hold of mud packs and salt scrubs at the spas. But with Seacret, you can get hold of all of these products right in your home. The technologies of Seacret products make it strikingly attractive. Certain products with minerals from the dead sea like body mud, bath salt, hand cream, foot cream, salt scrub, salt, and oil scrub, and body butter — all of these products come a Seacret’s secret technology.

The most sought-after items are those that contain minerals from the Dead Sea like the M4 Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask and their Dead Sea Bath Salt. The Mud Mask takes dirt and impurities away from your skill and having all the essential oils left on your skin. The Bath Salt makes your bath a more relaxing spa experience that will ease your muscles and revitalize your skin.

Seacret Products In Mall Booths And Kiosks.

When they started out as skin care network marketing company that was founded by Izchak Ben Shabat some 20 years ago, those sales agents at the mall booths must have nearly convinced you that spa care can be had at your home. You must have bumped into a Seacret sales agent in the mall, asking you to check out the miracle hand cream and scrub it on your hand. The bad thing about this is you won’t really save much by doing the spa treatment yourself.

What About Seacret’s Pricing?

You can tell if an MLM is a pyramid scheme or not by its overpriced products. That’s a big warning. Now, that is among the main disadvantages of Seacret — they are very costly. But that’s not to say that it is a pyramid scheme. If you try to compare the Seacret body butter to a top-rated body butter found on Amazon — the price is ridiculously way more expensive. That’s a big turn-off. Yet people still buy it because the products are really good — the positive reviews speak for it.

Preferred Customer Order Form

So, Is Seacret Direct A Scam?

Well, definitely not. Seacret Direct sells and pushes legitimate products and they do pay their distributors right on the dot. They pay as they claim they will. But when it comes to its claims that it’s a great opportunity to make extra income and “be your own boss” — you will need to put in a whole lot of elbow grease and hard work to keep from losing money. And you will also need to zero in on recruiting and signing up more people.

Can You Really Earn With Seacret Direct MLM?

Let’s shoot it from the hip and tell you how it is. It is not easy to earn money with Seacret Direct. The truth is — it is difficult. A huge chunk of Seacret’s distributors and representatives earn a little less than $2,000 a year.

However, there are quite a small number of distributors that do earn a substantial amount of money in Seacret or in any network company.

How Do You Make Money With Seacret Direct MLM?

It will definitely sound very simple on paper — but it entails a lot of work. Just like any other MLM company, you can earn money with Seacret Direct through:

  1. Push Seacret products, sell them and get hefty commissions
  2. Recruit and sign up more people and earn bonuses from the sales they make.

Now, why don’t you get paid directly for signing up or recruiting people for your downline?

This sort of establishes the fact that Seacret is not a pyramid scheme. They only compensate you with “bonuses” for anything your downline sells. If you have a downline that sells really well and uses its items consistently then find out that this is where the real money is found. And that entails ladies and gentlemen, a lot of work.

3 Ways to Participate

So, How Much Does It Cost To Join Seacret Direct?

When you sign up as a member, you will need to pay $49 to be part of their blossoming community and then an annual $49 fee.

But the expenses do not end there…there are other costs that are somewhat concealed.

Seacret Direct Monthly Cost

Seacret Direct requires its distributors to have a monthly sales quota in order to “remain active.” Now, there are several ways to make this happen — but the most simple and plain way is to have a 35 business volume or BV order every month. This is somewhat encouraging you to do this at the onset by setting a repeated “replenishment order” every month. That means you need to establish a $50 USD standing order for Seacret products every single month.

If you will calculate all the expenses or costs in joining Seacret —- here it is:

These are the following costs for your first year:

  • $49 to join
  • $49 annual fee
  • $50 x 12 to remain active

More or less your minimum costs for one year would be roughly $699 USD. This is right before you put into consideration, marketing, postage, packaging costs, and fees for more training.

Seacret Direct Compensation Plan

One way or the other, nearly all MLM companies make their compensation plan way too difficult to understand. It’s like solving a nasty Physics problem with your eyes closed. No kidding. And unfortunately, to be perfectly truthful, Seacret is just like all the other MLM companies.

So, Let’s Try Our Best To Simplify Seacret’s Compensation Plan:

There are several ways to get paid by Seacret:

  1. Commissions from retail including (retail- wholesale price)
  2. Choiced customers that set up a monthly order
  3. Commissions from recruits — (usually it’s $20 if the recruits buy the 5 in 5 starter pack)
  4. The Binary Commission Structure or residual commissions. These bonuses refer to your team’s sales.
  5. Commissions from teams — ( usually 10-15% of your sales of weaker downline.)
  6. Bonuses that are matched (20% of your “Bronze Directors” in your down line if you are above a Bronze rank)
  7. Bonuses based on general performance. (The typical general lifestyle bonuses for this are car bonuses and trips abroad if you get to sell a certain set amount every single month)

If you are scratching your head and finding this difficult to comprehend, then that’s what probably Seacret wants to achieve. It’s better to tell yourself that it doesn’t matter. These terms will come around as soon as you joined their community.