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Team National Reviews 2021: Is It Another MLM Scam?

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Team National

If you’re considering joining Team National to save money and/or earn a full-time salary, you can read this review first.

There could be lots of questions in your head like can you really make money with Team National, is it a pyramid scheme, is it a scam, is it MLM or Affiliate Marketing, and is it worth it?

Let’s start by saying that it’s always a good idea to read more about any MLM or business opportunity before jumping into it.

If you have the right skills, tools, and resources, you can make money from home in a variety of ways.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at Team National’s review to see if it’s a business worth investing in.

What Is Team National USA?


What Is Team National USA

Team National is a Ft. Lauderdale-based network marketing and membership savings company.

The business was started in 1997 by Dick Loehr.

Angela Loehr Chrysler, his daughter, then joined the team in 2000.

Angela took over as Team National’s president in 2006. She took over Team National his father, Dick Loehr passed away in 2008.

One of the nice things about this company is that they are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), and The US Chamber of Commerce.

Being part of these associations gives them great credibility and when you couple that with being in business for over 23 years it’s safe to say that they are a solid company.

Team National sold $659 million worth of sales in 2016. For an MLM model, that is very impressive.

What Does Team National Sell?


What Does Team National Sell

This company is best described as a membership discount company that offers a wide range of products and services.

You’ll be able to purchase products and services as a group, including:

  • Vehicles
  • Health discount benefit plans
  • Communication services
  • Travel insurance
  • Financial services
  • Rental cars
  • Business savings
  • Team National product line

All of these items are manufacturer direct and you’ll get them at a 65 percent discount.

Team National Product Line

Team National is mostly focused on offering discounts, however, there isn’t a lot of information available about the savings they offer.

Nonetheless, you’ll hear folks gushing about how great their discounts are, while others complain about how expensive they are.

Take a look at the four different Team National Membership Categories that this company offers:

1. Team National Factory Direct

Indoor and outdoor furniture, spas, flooring, and saunas are all part of the furniture division. You’ll deal directly with the manufacturer, and members can save up to 65 percent on their purchases.

2. Team National Group Buying Power

Members will benefit from exclusive discounts from a large selection of wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors that Team National has negotiated with for their members.

These include Vehicles, financial services, health discount benefit plans, rental cars and trucks, communication services, corporate savings, vacation, and insurance.

So you can save money on a new or used automobile, debt management, vision and dental plans, and high-speed internet, and more. However, we have no idea how much it is exactly. There is no place to look for a specific discount on a sticker price or a large purchase.

3. Team National Business Exchange

Joining Team National Business Exchange will help you save money at thousands of local and small companies across the United States. Construction, home maintenance, real estate, automotive, life insurance, travel, business-related commodities, and more are all covered by them.

4. Team National E-Commerce

Team National members can make 30% commissions by selling over 100 popular brands and commodities under their own private label.

There are products also under nutrition, child’s, and automotive care departments.

However, you never learn enough about the products to compare them to other well-known companies. You must join first to learn this information.

According to them, these products are, on average 50% cheaper than the industry standard price.

5. Big N Marketplace (Optional)

You will be able to earn commission on the products you purchase as an IMD member.

This is a rebate rather than a commission.

However, it’s unclear whether you’ll be given commissions from others.

How Does Team National Work?

So you’ll make money with Team National by selling discounted memberships to others and earning affiliate commissions through their online marketplace.

Another way to earn money is through recruiting new Independent Marketing Directors. The more you extend your downline, the more money you may make, and the Team National plan claims to have an unlimited downline depth. This means that you can profit from the IMD’s sales regardless of who recruited them.

You’ll receive points depending on how much you sell. Here’s how it works:

  • A lifetime membership will get you three points.
  • A normal two-year membership will earn you one point.

How Much Joining Team National cost?

To become an Independent Marketing Director, you can choose from a variety of membership options. The earnings program is free to join, but you will have to pay for a membership package.

The Premium Membership and the Standard Membership are the two other membership packages available.

Premium Membership

This is a $2,195-lifetime membership that covers your immediate family. Including your Grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

Standard Membership – $795


Team National Overview

This standard membership will provide your family saving for two years.

These Team National memberships are no budget-friendly, so selling them to your friends and family won’t be a good idea.

What Is Their Compensation Plan?

With Team National, there are two possible ways to make money.

Team National isn’t your regular type of company. They sell a unique type of product.

However, the way of earning money is the same as it is for most every other MLM and affiliate program.

Selling the service and creating a downline are two ways to make money.

Let’s take a closer look at both of them, shall we?

Making Money From Product Sales

Team National Companies is a little confusing because the company does not offer products.

They sell memberships that allow customers to purchase things at a discounted price.

Some of these are well-known products and brands.

However, Team National never informs you what the discounts are, just that they are generous.

So there are four separate areas where you can get a discount. These are the following:

  • Team National Factory Direct: This includes physical item discounts.
  • Group Purchasing Power: Individuals and businesses can save money on a variety of services.
  • Business Services: Discounts for local companies or businesses.
  • Rebates Program. Individuals can earn cashback on purchases from a variety of businesses.

Team National is basically a buying club. The company buys things using its purchasing power to offer them at a reduced price.

Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club are similar in this regard. Except that they have a physical store where you may buy their stuff for a membership fee.

There are two types of discount programs offered by Team National.

Another thing Team National’s website doesn’t do well is providing information aside from the price of its membership, which is $795 for a two-year membership or $2,915 for a lifetime membership.

As a result, you’ll have to pay a lot of money to save money on products you’ll have to buy.

Doesn’t that sound like a hard sell?

You’d have to buy a lot of items to receive your money’s worth in savings, right?

The Value Of Savings

Discounts aren’t the most common type of sale, but there is a demand for them.

One of the reasons Costco and other membership businesses have been so successful is because of this.

However, their membership fee is a fraction of the cost of joining the Team Nationals membership program.

And that’s one big difference with these discount membership companies.

Another example is when you purchase coupon booklets for your child or friend’s child to help them raise money for their sports league.

You only purchased them because you wanted to help people.

Consider this: if you bought it, did you use any of the coupons inside?

You didn’t even save enough to make up for the money spent on the booklet.

When we talk about selling discounts it’s not the easiest thing to sell, especially when there’s not a convincing reason attached to it – like helping the neighborhood kid play basketball, or get new uniforms for soccer.

And the fact that Team National doesn’t do a good job of explaining to you the quality of the product or how big of a discount you’ll be getting makes the sell that more difficult.

While some people talk about discounts, there aren’t many reviews for Team National, even though they’ve been in business for over 20 years and should have a lot of them.

This leads me to assume that the savings aren’t really there.

The reviews you do read are frequently not about the product line or the savings. They are mostly concerned with whether or not this MLM is a scam.

And if you have the skills to make money by joining with one of their discount memberships.

While it is possible to make money, you will be at a huge disadvantage if your membership savings are insufficient…

I mean above all, the most important part of this membership is to save money.

Meaning to say, your offer is only as good as your membership.

This is not to say that the discounts aren’t valuable. They can be, but why isn’t there more information about it.

Income From Membership Sales

As a result, you can earn money by selling Team National memberships.

Members will receive $50 if they sell a 2-year membership and $100 if they sell a lifetime membership.

The average commission rate for most MLM companies is between 20 and 30%. Team National appears to be on the lower side of the commission scale.

You’ll get $25 for the standard membership and $50 for the premium membership if your customer finances their membership or pays with a credit card.

Make Money Building A Team

Just like in any MLM building a team is how you can make money.

You can also earn bonuses from what you sell and what your downline sells, such as a progression bonus.

Now let’s see how the system works…

Imagine placing the 2 sales that  you make will be placed as your left and right legs.  Then, depending on which works best, you’ll place the following sales on the left or right.

Now, with the help of the people you recruit, you’ll be able to earn points for both sales and new members.

Just what we mentioned earlier.

What Others Are Saying About Their Team National Review


Team National Review

Whenever you see an opportunity or product plan to invest in, you’ll want to see first what other people have to say about the company before giving it a try.

This is also true for Team National. Is it possible that Team National is a scam?

There are several of websites where people have left reviews about Team National that will give you some insight into their experiences.

Here are some of the top websites to check out:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • RipOffReport
  • Facebook
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Blog Comments

Better Business Bureau

The BBB does not accredit Team Nation. They have 25 customer reviews and an overall rating of A+ at the time this Team National review was written.

For the last 12 months, they’ve closed 6 complaints and within the past 3 years, they’ve closed 12 complaints. The products and services were the subjects of almost all of the complaints.

Some customers complained that the company failed to process rebates as promised. And Team National responds to these complaints by claiming that rebates are processed within more than 90 days.

Ripoff Report


Ripoff Report

There are a number of complaints on RipOffReport for this company. Some of the people say that they felt exploited by this company and taking advantage of them by making promises that they could not keep.

There was one customer complaint that claims Team National is a scam because they couldn’t get in touch with anyone.


If you look at Team National’s Facebook page, you’ll see that they have 4.6 of five stars based on the opinion of 507 people, at least this is the case at the time of writing this review.

You’ll notice that many of the positive reviews come from people who are attempting to recruit a downline of IMDs.

However, you will undoubtedly come across consumer reviews that discuss how much money they were able to save by using Team National to purchase services and products.

According to some national team reviews, there were no savings when purchasing services and products.


Team National has 4.5 stars out of five with Indeed and 15 reviews from employees from corporate.

The management is satisfactory and some say that they were happy with most of the reviews.

In 2020 Team National was recognized for being both the Top Places to Work and The Best Places to Work.

Those are pretty impressive achievements.

Glass Door

Glass Door

With a total of seven reviews on Glassdoor, Team National received a 4.6 out of five-star rating.

Two of the reviews appear to be from IMDs, while the rest appear to be from corporate employees.

Blog Comments

Team National has been the trending topic on many blogs.

Talking about how to become Independent Marketing Directors with Team National.

You’ll find a combination of feedbacks with both positive and negative comments.

While many of the positive reviews appear to be from members who are attempting to recruit, the negative comments appear to be about not earning enough money and the company’s fees not being transparent.

Is Team National A Scam?

Learn How To Spot a GIVEAWAY SCAM!

While I do not believe Team National is a scam, I do believe they are on the brink of being one.

Mostly because they lack transparency when it comes to the products, services, and discounts.

They comply with the guidelines and stay within the boundaries of the law, as well as the Direct Selling Association and the Federal Trade Commission’s Amway program.

But they do however test some of these boundaries.

But they aren’t the only ones doing this kind of practice.

Maybe they aren’t training their members well enough to properly portray their company, and this is often the issue with MLM’s.

They are only as good as the people who trained them.

Is Team National A Pyramid Scheme?

No, it isn’t a pyramid scheme. They are not breaking any laws.

A pyramid scam is a business strategy in which people are recruited to make money without receiving anything in return. They sell you on the idea of being wealthy with little effort.

While many MLMs come dangerously close to being a pyramid scheme, Team National is not one of them.

Yes, in order to gain money, you will need to attract people to become IMDs and join your downline.

Team National, on the other hand, does not advertise itself as a get-rich-quick scam or make any unreasonable promises to gain money.

The company isn’t promising that if you do this, you’ll become wealthy soon or gradually. They do say that’s how IMDs make money.

What I Like About Team National

Team National’s MLM scheme has a lot of positive aspects, especially when compared to the many other MLM firms out there.

They Have A Proven History

Most MLM organizations will go out of business in ten years, yet Team National has been in business for nearly two decades.

In addition, They have been named one of the finest companies to work in 2020. That’s a fantastic achievement. And it’s a good sign that this company isn’t a scam.

Positive Team National Product Reviews

After reading the reviews and considering their A+ BBB rating, it’s difficult not to assume that this is a bad company. While there are some complaints on the BBB, the company responds to each one with a thorough explanation.

Many good Team National reviews may be found on forums, blog comments, and their Facebook page. Positive feedback on the discounts was also a good sign for Team National and further proof that it is not a scam.

It has been said that most MLMs encourage their recruits to leave positive reviews, but isn’t this the way that most businesses operate. They haven’t forced them to lie just to leave a positive review.

No Monthly Sales Quota To Remain Active

Most MLMs require you to make a certain number of sales each month. This usually leads to people purchasing products to meet their quota and remain active as a distributor.

To stay active on Team National, you only need to sell two memberships per year; there is no monthly sales quota to meet.

What I Don’t Like About Team National

Now let’s move on to the not-so-good with this discount membership MLM.

It’s Expensive To Join

The majority of discount memberships and cash rebates are free to join, but Team National is not.

You’ll find at least 15 legitimate survey sites that pay you money if you do a simple search engine search. Rakuten is one of these businesses. Rakuten will pay you $10 to join and will give you discounts on your online purchases!

So you’d think that at the very least, Team National’s discounts would be extremely good.

Unfortunately, when I was looking for their member discounts, I didn’t get that impression, but some positive national reviews were claiming that people had saved money with this company. There were some negative BBB reviews from customers who had problems with their products.

Hidden Monthly Expenses

While the fact that there is no monthly sales quota to meet is awesome, there are some hidden monthly expenses that they fail to mention that we discovered in some of the reviews we read.

Here are a few of those extra monthly costs:

  • $7 per month for a website
  • $39.95 per month for the success club
  • Subscription to TN All Access is $10 per month.

Only 1 Out Of 167 Make Over $14K A Year

This company doesn’t appear to have much of a chance of making a lot of money.

Only one out of every 167 IMDs earns more than $1,000 per month consistently.

You’re not going to be able to give up your full-time job.

According to the 2019 income disclaimer, only 0.6 percent of Team National’s members earn more than $14,000 per year.

Conclusion To This Team National Review

We do hope that this Team National review helped answer your questions about this company. Although we don’t believe that Team National is a scam or a pyramid scheme we also don’t believe you’ll be able to make enough money to quit your job.

Take some time considering your chances of making money with this MLM.

Will you be one of the 98.5 percent of IMDs who loses money or one of the elite 1.5 percent who earns over $14k per year?

If you want to make money, you must be willing to recruit a large number of people.


If you’re looking at this opportunity as a way to save money on the things that you are planning to purchase then Team National savings might be right for you.

But again, you can find many other discounted memberships for as little as $20 per year, rather than $795 for two years!

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make money online

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Where Team National falls short is in scalability.

There’s only so much time in a day and there’s only so many people you can reach to sell by yourself.

MLM companies know this! Which is why they push so hard for you to recruit for your downline…you can’t get rich with it as a one man/woman show.

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How do you get paid and how much?

Simple, after you forward the jobs off to a business owner and he makes some money off of them, you simply ask to make the deal beneficial for each other.

A fair price to charge per lead, depending on the industry is 10-20%…let’s just use the tree service industry for example and go by worst case scenario.

Let’s say you build and rank the site and only 10 jobs a month come in. The average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2000!

That means at bare minimum you have an asset worth $500 a month!

See why they call it digital real estate now? That’s a rent payment.

The great thing is how easy it is to scale. You don’t have to worry about:

  • Your upline getting paid before you
  • Begging your friends and family to buy from you
  • Recruiting people all the time

But as it is with Team National… You only get what’s left of the pie if you meet a monthly quota…

The course we recommend actually allows you to collect HUGE FLAT RATE DEALS. Truly passive income!

The training program takes making money online to a whole other level. The owner of the program walks you through how to build and rank a site hand in hand, with the occasional voice over when he is sharing his screen.

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Once the training program is completed you will also have access to a Facebook group much better than the Team National group in our opinion. This group is much more active.

Unlike Team National, where you’re getting maybe $10 per sale, you could be getting 10-20X THAT.


Scott is crushing it!

A business will always want more leads and another job. In fact it doesn’t even matter that the job isn’t coming from their website name…they see it as it is…expanding digital real estate.

Unlike Team National, more people have been able to walk away from their 9-5 job as well.

Digital real estate allows you to have total passive income with most of your day being spent WITH your friends, NOT selling to them.

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