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Youngevity Reviews: Is It Another Fraud, Scam? or Legit MLM?

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Perhaps you have been approached to join Youngevity and that’s why you’re here. Let’s cut to the chase. The first question you need to ask yourself is Multi-level Marketing for you? Upfront, Youngevity is an MLM company. Multi-level or network marketing companies sell an idea or a dream.

This is not said in a negative way but only as a matter of fact. Only a few members get to achieve those dreams. What may work with others may not work for you. However, if you want to know more about Youngevity and its products —then hop on in.

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a wellness company that has somehow made an indelible mark in the Multi-level Marketing nutrition industry. And there are no signs of them getting bogged down yet. Their products are made of premium ingredients and components. They are also mindfully packed and parcelled. This is what Youngevity asserts and declares that they are a cut above the rest of the nutritional supplements out here in the market.

What are the Youngevity Products?

Youngevity markets products that are connected to nutrition and health — which include a wide range of products from food to essential oils with beauty, spa, and even beverages in between. Youngevity also sells home and business services along with phone and internet and road assistance.

What are Youngevity’s most wanted products?

Tangy Tangerine

One of Youngevity’s most popular products is their wellness line, particularly the BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion – also known as the tangy tangerine. It is an ultra-modern multivitamin-mineral complex that furnishes us with the vitally important nutrients our body needs in order to have top-notch health.

The next product is the Freelife Himalayan Goji Juice — the original standardized goji juice, substantial in bioactive Lyceum barbaric polysaccharides. This mouthful of a nutrient gives us all the beneficial nutrients of antioxidants from the goji fruit. For weight management, Youngevity has a meal replacement shake that supports the ketogenic diet — the Tru Keto shake.

Youngevity also affirms a complete collection of all-natural cleaning products.

Slender FX

What is Selenium?

This is an all-important mineral that aids our bodies in synthesizing antioxidants and carry out vital functions of the thyroid and immune systems. In short, this mineral has countless benefits for health, which includes the means to decrease some cancer risks. The supplements of Youngevity contain this very important mineral.

What are the 90 essential or all-important nutrients?

90 essential

According to the founder, our body needs 90 essential or all important nutrients to reach the most appropriate and prime health. Unfortunately, our bodies lose a big chunk of their vital nutrition because our bodies cannot digest these nutrients. Thus, Youngevity came up with this snappy slogan with an unforgettable appeal — “90 for Life.”

Any Multi-level of Marketing comes with health claims but Youngevity’s health claims are unprecedented. Youngevity declares that their products are all plant-based, have a 90-93% absorption rate which helps in the digestive process of the body, and has a natural negative charge.

Youngevity’s Product Lines Encompasses Almost All Industries

Youngevity is like a one-stop-shop for all your nutritional needs. This multi-level marketing or MLM company has practically 2,000 or more products with 31 brands and 15 varied product categories. To add to their “90 For Life” leading items, they also have a line for grooming accessories, beauty products, home products, garden needs, pet products, and beauty products.

This brand also has a line of essential oils, food storage, mineral makeup, photo keepsakes, coffee, and pre-packed snack items — all of which are incorporated in their single product inventory. At the height of the hemp oil market, the entity got into the hemp oil industry along with its own line of products from CBD.

Just when you think the company has covered all industries, think again. It could stockpile a whole store of all kinds of varied starter packages — all the way from their 90 For Life Starter Package to their, Be the Change starter package to packs created to aid sportspeople, decrease blood sugar, aid in bone strength, aid in the heart and brain and even in the restoration of digestion. And of course, not likely to be beaten in the weight-loss game, It has its own bran doc weight loss starter pack as well.

Is Youngevity a scam?

Fraud Alert

The quick answer to that is a big No. Youngevity is a publicly-traded company that’s recognized and identified in the MLM or multi-level marketing industry.

 Youngevity as an MLM company is already at the level of multi-million-dollar corporations and affiliates of massive organizations, definitely no trace of being a scam. The business operates and remains within the guidelines of the law.

Quick Facts about this wellness MLM

There are several interesting facts about the company.

What is Youngevity’s BBB rating? A+

When was Youngevity established in the business? Youngevity is established in 1997.

What is Youngevity’s revenue? $142 million

How many Youngevity distributors are there? 25,000

Who is Joel Wallach?

Do you know that Youngevity was founded and established by a pioneer in biomedical research? Dr. Joel Wallach, a mineral doctor instituted the company of Youngevity. He has been a trailblazer in selenium research for the past four decades. Joel received the prestigious Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal. This is to recognize and acknowledge the discoveries of these pioneer researchers in the trace elements area. Dr. Wallach was also recognized in 2011 for his innovative findings on cystic fibrosis. Furthermore, Dr. Wallach triumphantly appealed to the FDA to set up Qualified Health Claims for the selenium mineral.

What lawsuits have been filed?

There were no lawsuits filed against Youngevity. However, in 2016, Youngevity had a court case against Todd Smith and Wakaya Perfections for setting up a competing company. Two years later, in 2018, the court accorded and granted the motion for sanctions of Youngevity against Smith for witness tampering.

Huge presence in the global MLM scene

 Youngevity is found almost in every cranny of the world. The brand is spread all over the world in 65 different countries and boasts of 25,000 distributors to boot.

Should you join Youngevity?

If your concern is the legitimacy of the products of Youngevity, then you have nothing to fear about. In terms of product legitimacy, you can be assured that the company of Youngevity is 100% legit. However, if you’re looking for a business opportunity and are interested in making this company a tool for starting your own business, then you need to check it out and figure out the pros and cons before joining this network marketing company.

How to join Youngevity and how much does it cost to join?

All you need to pay is just $25 USD in order to become a member of Youngevity and be entitled to receive paychecks. If you want to jump-start your own business, you need to purchase the CEO Mega Pak — which will cost you $499.95 USD. The good thing about joining Youngevity is you have a lot of choices and alternatives to set up your business.

You may pick out from the following: home and family, and spa and beauty, nutrition, food and beverages, jewelry and clothing, and finally services.

Standard commission, attractive bonuses, and compensation plan

Standard commission

In retail commissions through sales, a distributor can take home up to 30%. Not bad but not so great as well for a network marketing company. But, this company actually gives some attractive bonuses and really nice perks. This entity gives a 30% Quick Start Bonus plus an additional $100 USD bonus for every four distributors that a distributor recruits.

Youngevity’s brand ambassadors are big wig athletes

This company has a long list of sportspeople as ambassadors from — almost every National Basketball Association and National Football League.

Let’s name a few:

Steve Hess

strength and conditioning coach for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, he is also the co-founder of Forza Fitness.

Gene Nelson

the world-famous natural bodybuilder.

Drew Pearson

ex Dallas Cowboy

Mike Glenn and Theo Ratliff

former NBA players

Enormous sustainable increase

This entity has reported snowballing record revenue for Q2 of 2016. It has reached a colossal $42.5 million USD in just a span of three months. That places them up at almost 10% higher from that time in 2015. Prior to that, the brand was seeing a smooth and stable growth in terms of gross revenue. In 2013, the entity had a net income of around $85 million USD. It reached $134 million USD in 2014, and then in 2015, this multilevel marketing MLM company reached $156 million USD.

Acquisition of new companies and affiliate companies

Recently, Youngevity has acquired Nature’s Pearl. The company Nature’s Pearl, is a grower, manufacturer, and direct seller of muscadine grape products. It has acquired exclusive rights to the technology of Nature’s Pearl. This also makes the entity the one and only direct selling or MLM company that offers Muscadine personal care products.

The brand has also chosen Renew Interests, a weight loss, and energy nutritional coffee product. It boasts of the coffee berry as its primary content.

Three years ago, the company also acquired three more companies — Via Vicente, Nature Direct, and Gigi Hill.

ViaViente offers a highly concentrated whole fruit drink with substantial ingredients in antioxidants and natural vitamins and minerals, packed and loaded with heaps of health benefits.

Nature Direct is an Australian company that produces non-toxic cleaning and care products derived from essential oils. It is basically the healthy alternative to cleaning products for care, personal, and home uses.

Their idea lines up with Youngevity’s company mission of bolstering up a healthy lifestyle for its distributors.

For the fashion and jewelry products of this community, the entity acquired Gigi Hill — which markets stylish and functional handbags and accessories.

If you look at it closely, Youngevity has fundamentally got almost all industries covered.

Youngevity’s CMO marketing staff are pundits in the industry.

 There’s no doubt about it, the staff of this company mean business and they’re here to stay and win for the long haul. Their big guy in marketing was hired in 2016 and he definitely knows what he’s doing and what his massive plans are for Youngevity’s future. The guy has previously worked with no less than the MLM star — Mary Kay. Outside the industry, he has also worked for the big guns in the branded cosmetic industry namely Revlon, Estee Lauder, and Chane, including The Body Shop.

Youngevity’s charitable foundations

Youngevity’s foundations are into all kinds of charitable work across the globe. Their charitable foundation’s battle cry is “Be the change”.

The foundation holds huge conferences and fundraisers to aid in supporting their endeavors. This networking company is not just about making money, it’s also about affecting change and helping others.

Youngevity Review

Youngevity has shown that their company is not just your run-of-the-mill nutrition networking community. They have a huge global presence and massive support behind their products.

In terms of making money and a possible investment opportunity, there’s a big chance that you can hit up old friends and colleagues and relatives and family members on social media. You could throw product presentations and throw product parties to showcase Youngevity.

If you have been involved in network marketing, you somehow have a grasp on what you need to look for and what are things you should consider as a new business opportunity.

Downsides of Youngevity

Here is the flip side of the rosy review of Youngevity.

Open to doubt product colloidal minerals

In spite of the expensive research and work of  Dr. Wallach on selenium, there’s still unsubstantiated evidence to prove that these specific products actually work. Basically, Youngevity relies on the health benefits of colloidal minerals, which at the moment is a field that is still open to doubt.

The Food and Drug Administration turns down statements verifying made by the health supplement manufacturers. It’s also impossible to know the accurate source as well as the safety of liquid colloidal mineral supplements.

Surprising hidden fees for Start-up costs

The Start-up package costs $115 USD. That is actually considered a wee bit costly, but the good thing is you have the products in your hands. But, additionally, you need to pay an Enrollment Fee of $25 USD.

And, if you want to move up fast and make some substantial income, you are advised to buy the “CEO Start-Up Pack,” which costs a hefty $499 USD. That’s not that inexpensive anymore, especially when you compare it with other wellness companies.

What’s your decision?

Boasting with a level of multi-million-dollar corporations,

Should you join Youngevity or not — the choice is yours.